Trying to get booked by brides and grooms but keep hitting dead ends?

When I started out in 2008, I was a complete flop. My prices and bookings were too low - and after years of trying to get listed at venues, manning stands at wedding fairs, social media efforts, advertising, re-writing my website, networking and practically every other form of wedding marketing I could think of, I still could not fill my calendar.

I NEVER had "industry connections" at launch. I started with ZERO clients and was on a marketing budget of maybe a few hundred pounds a year. All the 'elementary marketing' I did above produced some results, but because I did everything in isolation, I could not get a stream of bookings.

The experience was so deflating I doubted if I would ever breakthrough.

Fast forward ten years and I know how to book clients on demand. My prices are ten times what they were, I'm sort-after at international weddings, and I turn away more than 50 enquiries each year due to already being booked! And do you know what the best bit is for you?

Success is replicable through a SYSTEM. In fact,


To get consistently booked by high-paying brides and grooms, you'll need a SYSTEM

A system that repositions your wedding business so you become hunted by brides and grooms instead of having to hunt for them.

I've helped over 1,000 wedding professionals in countries like Canada, America, UK, Mainland Europe, United Arab Emirates, Africa, The Far East and Australia. And I've been invited to speak on international stages.

Now I'm pulling back the curtain to show you exactly how to replicate my system on a free webinar.


Learn Six Influencers
That Motivate Better-Paying
Brides & Grooms To Book











Bride image credits: Photo by John Nassari
Venue: Ambassador Aegean Ambassador
Planner: Mitheo Events