Finding Brides & Grooms Who Book


Currently in testing in America, England, Romania, Greece, Bali & Australia 

Expressions beta testers have used to describe it:

"This unit is pure gold. It really is timeless and I can't fault it."
"The steps that you've laid out are genius.”


Snapshot of what to expect

Positivity & Real Hope For The Future

As long as love exists between two people, there will always be a wedding industry; in other words, our industry will only die if love dies.

Despite living through the most challenging times that we know, couples are still falling in love, proposing and then planning for the most exciting wedding day of their life. Evidence shows that brides and grooms are still booking venues and suppliers for years into the future, and it is possible to position your wedding business, so you get chosen. I know suppliers (self included) who've taken bookings every month since the outbreak. It can be done. It is being done, and I can show you how.

If you are struggling right now, dependable and trusted help in the form of my newest and best coaching ever is coming this Nov/Dec. I did not just create it and release it. I've tested it extensively to make sure it really will work for you.


About the beta testers trailing it before the release

My testing team is made up of 20 wedding suppliers from America, England, Greece, Bali and Australia. Most are wedding suppliers I did not know. They are diverse professionals and cover most wedding categories. Their candid feedback has carved the course into something that works.


It excels so much it comes with a money-back guarantee

You'll struggle to find this in any other wedding marketing course.

Unconventional thinking

You may have heard the phrase, 'Just get it done and get it out' I could not disagree more! That thinking only serves the founder, not the people who put their trust in the product or service they are buying.

You deserve better, and that's why 'Finding Brides & Grooms Who Book' will release when it is perfect, not a minute before.

To be one of the first to know the launch date, please click the link below.

Mac Florea - Romania

"Terry is a professional who is committed to his work. His skills have helped me increase bookings at my five wedding venues. I enjoy working with Terry and I would recommend him to anyone."

Anna Matzourrana - Athens

"Terry we completely trust you and can’t wait to start implementing your training. We have already started the '28 Day Challenge' from your two talks in Athens. Thank you so much for your inspiration."

John Nassari - England

"Terry is a is a deeply generous person with a profound level of astuteness; a fantastic coach who understands the industry and how to reach your ideal market. I unreservedly recommend him."

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