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"Do you know where your next wedding booking will come from?


I can help you win wedding bookings easier by putting the spotlight on the most important things couples want from your business."

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Business gold for Everybody

No matter how long you've been in the wedding industry, you will discover a better way to:

  • Book weddings frequently.
  • Increase your conversion rate.
  • Stop couples looking around for a better deal, because they'll see you as the one.

Book yourself busy by getting couples to fall in love with you! 

Hi, I'm Terry Lewis, and I've been using a robust system to win bookings with ease for more than half a decade. Even throughout the pandemic, this system has continued to bring in new business consistently. Join me inside the
Wedding Business Success Course for a masterclass in promoting the authentic 'you'. You'll enjoy faster-flowing bookings by making couples aspire to want you.

Let's transition your business into the
'Perfect Proposal'.

With the course, or the book.  

Wedding Business Success Course
Used in 10+ Countries
Valued by suppliers at £460 - £1,000
Get it for just £97

  • Go from being seen as "expensive" to "essential".
  • Increase conversion rates, and reduce couples disappearing after you quote.
  • Get venues, planners and suppliers asking to recommend you.
  • Use this internationally acclaimed system to drive bookings to you consistently, so you can stop relying on hope.
  • The only global training I know of to offer a money back guarantee if you do not love it.
  • Instant lifetime access.
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The Book
Rated 4.9 out of 5 Stars on Amazon

  • Part book, part growth assignment, the '12 Habits...' is one of the industries most respected, inspiring and transformative reads.
  • "Hi Terry, I have read the entire book, and I'd like to continue learning with you. THIS HAS BLOWN MY MIND! Words cannot describe what you have already done for me." - Harry Eardley
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More About the Book

What to expect from the
Wedding Business Success Course

This step-by-step system is all about getting your business booked as you build success-upon-success from each lesson. The more success you have, the more motivated you will be. With this unique training, you can count on three things:

100% Money-back Guarantee

Try this zero-fluff training risk-free for 7-days, if you do not fall in love with it by the end of the trial you can get your money back.


No more isolated strategies. This ground-breaking course uses a building block system, so as one cog turns, so will all the others in your business to seamlessly drive bookings to you.

I'm here for you

My #1 priority is your success which is why you won't get another token Facebook Group when you need extra support, you'll get customised coaching direct from me via email, telephone or Zoom, meaning this is one journey you'll never have to face alone.

Suppliers value this course between
£460 - £1,000

Get It Today For Just £97

Transformative Results

  • Couples will stop, pay attention and enquire more often.
  • Your worth will become obvious.
  • You'll build a system that makes getting booked predictable.
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Better than

I thought long and hard about giving you a Facebook group, and decided against it. My reason is the last thing you need is another one! My approach is to give more profound custom help when required. I want you to email your queries or jump onto a Zoom call as and when needed. My goal is to provide a more bespoke service that gets to the heart of your problems, something Facebook groups can’t achieve - I think you'll love the benefits of this fresher approach.



Become part of a growing international community of wedding professionals from Canada, USA, England, Scotland, Ireland, Greece, Romania, Cyprus, Athens, South Africa, Indonesia and Australia, who are trusting this system to grow their businesses.

Trust. Believe. Achieve.

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Zoe Alexandria

"Your content is so much better than anything else out there."

Nik Reeds

"Terry definitely knows his stuff. Right from lesson #1 I was blown away with his insight into things I have never considered that (if I had known 10 years ago) it would have made our ride into success so much faster and smoother."

Becca Pountney

The Zoom call at the end is gold - for me this is worth paying for on its own - I’ve heard you speak quite a bit but seeing you actually put it into action is soooooo brilliant.

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