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For years I have been changing the game, offering proven wedding marketing strategies that have helped over 1,000 wedding professionals grow their wedding business, in countries like Canada, America, UK, Mainland Europe, Africa, The Far East and Australia.

Through my online training program Phoenix, and book 12 Habits Of Successfully Booked Up Wedding Suppliers, professionals around the world are learning how to repel price-shoppers and book better-paying wedding clients through my proven step by step system that can transform your business in months.

My training is so effective, clear and actionable that I have been invited to speak at conventions in England, America, and Dubai.

Here's two ways to start your journey to make getting booked by better-paying wedding clients inevitable:

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CASE STUDY - Melissa Barban

"...I've put Phoenix into practice, and last year when I looked at what I had on the books I had eight weddings... right now we have 40!... I've increased my prices three times since doing Phoenix and sold more bookings and got more amounts of money for those bookings, the return on investment is well worth it for sure... We have booked approximately 80% more weddings as a result of Phoenix.”

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Review By Christos Nikas

"I'm always on a never stop journey looking for great books for the wedding industry. Not an easy task since there are not so many out there. 12 Habits Of Successfully Booked Up Wedding Suppliers, stands definitely on top of this pile. I love the way Terry writes, proposes, recommends, teaches. He hasn't just mastered his art but he is so communicable about it. A must-read for any wedding professional."

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