Phoenix Wedding Marketing Course

By Terry Lewis | 8-Time Wedding Award Winner

Emerge from lockdown with a leaner, fitter, more attractive wedding business

"Tripling my prices and still getting booked is all down to you and the Phoenix Formula."

Dave Dunning | Wedding professional


It may not be business as usual, but if you use isolation productively, you'll be well-positioned for the upturn

The pandemic has financially walloped wedding suppliers. Many operate on small margins and have had to find new income streams to survive the steepest earnings decline in our history. We don't know when the wedding industry will recover - but recover it will. And when it does, you'll want your future business primed for the new opportunities.

Phoenix your wedding business

My course will get you booked. It's established strategies have helped wedding suppliers for over five years, and if there ever was a time for you to invest in learning how to reposition your wedding business for success, it is now. If you Phoenix your wedding business, you will rise out of this pandemic with a more influential offer to brides and grooms

If you don't want to struggle getting booked on the other side of this devastating virus, use your time in isolation wisely by restructuring your marketing for future success. I'm so confident in my system, I'm inviting you to take a look inside Module 5 free for a week. It will give you an insight into the building blocks that make getting booked inevitable.

What Phoenix has done for others

Wedding professionals say Phoenix has helped them attract better quality bookings, increase prices, and got them listed at venues. Phoenix is how I've oversubscribed my business, attracted premium UK and destination weddings and why I do not have to worry where my next booking will come from. Even during this crisis, Phoenix delivers new bookings to me almost weekly, and it can do the same for you. Couples are still planning weddings next year and the year after; winning their deposits is how you can weather the storm.



Take a look at what your future business will be able to achieve by checking out Module 5 for a week. By way of full disclosure, you will of course need the other modules to reach the milestone you'll uncover. Look at your free 7-Day Trial as a taster of your future.

At the end of your Trial, you'll be able to make an informed decision if you think Phoenix will help you thrive or not.

  • IF YOU LOVE IT upgrade to the full course.
  • IF YOU DON'T LEAVE IT without paying a single penny!


Phoenix has already HELPED wedding suppliers like you

So far Phoenix has helped wedding professionals in over ten countries; suppliers like, Melissa, Zoe, Gene and Rebecca who were tired of being under-booked; after plugging into the Phoenix Formula, click play to find out how they:

  • Quadrupled business.
  • Now book better quality weddings.
  • Attracted more work Jan through March.
  • Increased their prices and bookings.
  • Improved their income by 80%.
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Mac Florea - Romania

"Terry is a professional who is committed to his work. His skills have helped me increase bookings at my five wedding venues. I enjoy working with Terry and I would recommend him to anyone."

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Anna Matzourrana - Athens

"Terry we completely trust you and can’t wait to start implementing your training. We have already started the '28 Day Challenge' from your two talks in Athens. Thank you so much for your inspiration."

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John Nassari - England

"Terry is a is a deeply generous person with a profound level of astuteness; a fantastic coach who understands the industry and how to reach your ideal market. I unreservedly recommend him."

What to expect from your 7-DAY FREE TRIAL

Your Trial gives access to Module 5 only which contains a 1.5 hr training video, 11 lessons, and 10 downloads/growth assignments, all designed to get you booked.

Phoenix is based on a structured building block system, and Module 5 shows what is possible after implementing all the other modules that go before and after it.

After trialling Phoenix, you'll have the option to LOVE IT or LEAVE IT. 
Either cancel without paying a penny, or upgrade to the full course for just 12 low monthly instalments of £20.75 (Total £249). Or if you prefer:

1. Pay £249 in full upfront
2. Pay £41.50 per month x 6 (Total payment £249)

I'm not asking you to do anything drastic, just to try it out. If I'm wrong, you won't have lost anything but if I'm right, it will transform your quality of future bookings and the speed at which couples choose you, forever.


Still got a question?

I'd love to hear from you:

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Sign-up and get:

* Module 5

* 1.5hr Training video

* 11 Lessons

* 10 Downloads/assignments

* Option to cancel within 7 days, or

* Option to upgrade to full course

* Opportunity to create a sought after business that brides and grooms hunt


Not yet ready for your Phoenix transformation? That's fine, here's a parting gift for getting this far

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