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Influential Skills

You will walk away with new business skills that will make getting booked easier and so much more predictable.


This is not an empty statement; this content is how you can protect your business during the outbreak.


I used this strategy to get booked practically every month since the first lockdown in March 2020.

Beta tested in 9 countries before launch so you can be sure it works

Here's what early adopters say:

"EPIC!!!! This unit is pure gold. It really is timeless and I can't fault it." - Monica Cutler

"The steps that you've laid out are genius.” - Butch Gray

"This practical example is one of the best lessons I have seen." - Mac Florea

"There was no fluff." Carol Shearman

"Your content is so much better than anything else out there." - Zoe Alexandria

Get free help if your wedding bookings have been decimated by the pandemic

Because of the virus, you won't have been able to income generate properly since March 2020, so money is likely to be tight. This means you may not be able to afford the full course, however, because we are all in this together, whether you go on to invest this Wedding Business Course or not, I'd like to give you some of its most insightful coaching free, because you have a business that brides and grooms value, and there is no doubt in my mind that what I teach will get you booked by optimistic couples planning weddings up to 2023, providing you with critical cash flow from the deposits you'll collect.

Claim 2 modules free and get all this:

High quality videos

Each lesson is delivered with great care and attention to detail. Using a carefully developed, easy to follow format, you'll love how each section solidly builds on the previous. The concise actionable content, ensures that by the end, you will feel very confident and inspired about how to secure future wedding bookings.

Beautifully presented click-to-edit pdfs

Your downloadable growth assignments, and other assets are an integral part of your learning curve. Each takes you another step closer to getting booked by sort-after couples you'll love to serve. The thoughtful click-to-edit function allows you to complete each growth assignment on your device without the need to print.

This excellent course equips you with inspired solutions to kick-start organic bookings and even if the free training packed into Modules 1 and 1.1 are the only lessons in the course that you do, you will have started the process of repositioning your business to finding brides & grooms who book. If marketing and sales are areas you struggle with (especially during the pandemic), you need Modules 1 and 1.1.

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 This training solves the main problems limiting your bookings and income

  • Can you imagine how many more bookings you'd win if your marketing and sales funnels accurately reflected the fantastic wedding experience you offer?

  • If you are unable to inspire couples to fizz with excitement before and after quoting, you'll lose the booking; this course coaches how to stop that from happening. By articulating your brilliance influentially, you'll fill couples with confidence in ways that exceed expectations, winning you business more often, even if others are cheaper.

  • If you want to move couples towards you, not away, this course was made for you.

How the Wedding Business Success Course will get you booked:

  • Because we all learn differently, choose from video, audio and PDF course formats to grow your business the way that's easiest for you.
  • You'll learn how to get hunted instead of having to hunt for brides and grooms.
  • If you frantically post on social media but feel your messages get swamped by everyone else's content, you'll learn what to change to standout to serious couples.
  • You'll discover how to build a team of '12 People of Influence' forming an insiders club that will get you booked by word of mouth, quietly behind closed doors, away from the overcrowded arenas where most suppliers spar for bookings.
  • If you've set big goals in the past and failed, it's because you were using the wrong strategies to chase them down. 'The Quadrant' gives the step-by-step actions so you can achieve them.
  • The 7 Influencers have been used in business for centuries, and as you become more aware of them, you'll realise how your favourite companies rely on them to win your loyalty and custom, and what you must do to get the same influencers working for you.
  • You will learn how to make your website 'sticky' so more couples stay longer and enquire.
  • The whole course leads up to a fantastic conclusion, and explicitly reveals what must be included in your marketing and sales conversations to massively increase your conversion rate. This final lesson is critical to booking success; it is the most important gear of the entire course.

Benefits you will enjoy

"Loved the client video! This was fantastic to watch and follow through to see how your meetings go. Thank you for sharing this. Helpful to see how couples react to how you go through your meeting. The infusion of the pipelines and anchors was spot on. It's given me such inspiration and confidence for the next one I go through." - Carla Thomas

You're in good company

Mac Florea

"Terry is a professional who is committed to his work. His skills have helped me increase bookings at my five wedding venues. I enjoy working with Terry and I would recommend him to anyone."

Anna Matzourrana

"Terry we completely trust you and can’t wait to start implementing your training. We have already started the '28 Day Challenge' from your two talks in Athens. Thank you so much for your inspiration."

John Nassari

"Terry is a is a deeply generous person with a profound level of astuteness; a fantastic coach who understands the industry and how to reach your ideal market. I unreservedly recommend him."


About your coach

Hi, thanks for stopping by, I'm Terry Lewis, and I can't wait to help you get booked through my training. I only teach what I know, and what's proven to work for my students and within my own wedding business. I am an 8-time wedding award winner (2x international and 6x UK), author of the popular book '12 Habits Of Successfully Booked Up Wedding Professionals', and speak about wedding marketing internationally, outside of the current restrictions.


I used skills learned during a 12-year career in the City of London to catapult my wedding business from being under-booked and underpaid at startup, to being oversubscribed at premium prices today. I've also had the privilege of being booked at destination weddings in Europe.


Having figured out the 'how-to' for myself, I'd love to introduce you to my step-by-step process that takes away the uncertainty of getting booked.


If you are finding it hard to break through, don't know where to find couples who are ready to book, and want to learn from someone who has already done it, plug yourself into my proven to work system, and I'll show you how to springboard your bookings to where you want them to be.

Real Wedding Suppliers.
Real Results.

Becca Pountney

The Zoom call at the end is gold - for me this is worth paying for on its own - I’ve heard you speak quite a bit but seeing you actually put it into action is soooooo brilliant.

Dave Hadley

This video is unbelievably good. I've sat in awe of it many times throughout. You've increased the value of the entire course with this one video. I need to watch it again and again.

Crystal Yarlott

This is wonderful. Truly. Wow. So much to say here. I loved the live video with the couple. The basis of following the steps in order was brilliant.

 Simon Aston

I can honestly say, It is fantastic. Amazing, I like how the videos explain everything & the PDF's go even deeper to help you think how they relate to your business. I think the website growth assignments are excellent.

Carol Shearman

I have been very impressed with the comprehensiveness... this program is unique, so many others I have tried have been 'same old, same old'.

Rob Stoutjesdijk

I love the very high quality videos, you are very clear. To me, it is obvious that you have taken great care in developing the curriculum (both through the videos and documents).

Monica Cutler

Terry Lesson 2 was awesome! I'm not exaggerating when I say I found everything explained perfectly.

Jonathan Waterman

This is fantastic Terry, You are so passionate and inspirational, you are a credit to our wedding industry, just fantastic.

Christina Rossi

It is a great strategy and inspiring. You come across very sincere and honest and I think that is very important. You've got all the answers. I wish this was available 10 years ago!

Julia Walters

Love the clear, concise and direct information you provide. It's a great overview of how wedding professionals can find engaged couples.

Robert Facer

It's the marketing that I've always struggled with! I really believe this course is going to turbocharge my bookings, income and life!!

Mickaela Wilson

This chapter is one I love ... it's clear concise, immediately actionable.

In this video, wedding professionals were asked:

 "How much is the course only worth without the 1-1 Zoom coaching upgrade?"




£197 or $260

Most Affordable. Single Payment

  • 7-DAY FREE TRIAL for Modules 1 and 1.1. Your card will not be debited until day 8 only if you decide to continue

  • Self-pacing course with lifetime access

  • Training videos

  • Growth assignments

  • Audio files

  • PDF downloads

  • Video of a live meeting showing how to fuse all you've learned into conversations that gets you booked more often

  • Meeting template of the essentials to include when speaking to couple

  • How to handle the price question when asked too soon

  • Website strategy

  • Accountability partner

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Email support

  • Pay in £ GBP or $ USD

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COURSE + 1-1

£497 or $655

Best Value. 50/50 Split Payments Over 2 Months

  • Get it done with Terry
  • 1-1 Zoom coaching every 2 weeks for 8 weeks

  • Personalised direction and accountability
  • Joining deadline is 4 Jan because the course starts on the 5th

    Miss this, and you'll have to wait until the next 1-1 course coming late spring 2021

  • 7-DAY FREE TRIAL for Modules 1 and 1.1. Your card will not be debited until day 8 only if you decide to continue

  • Complete course with lifetime access

  • Training videos

  • Growth assignments

  • Audio files

  • PDF downloads

  • Video of a live meeting showing how to fuse all you've learned into conversations that gets you booked more often

  • Meeting template of the essentials to include when speaking to a couple

  • How to handle the price question when asked too soon

  • Website strategy

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Email support

  • Pay in £ GBP or $ USD

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