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Phoenix is the only wedding marketing course in the world that's been:

Developed over three years, then beta tested for 7-months by wedding professionals in different countries and different wedding industries, and proven to work before launch.


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Six times wedding award winner, author, mentor, wedding awards judge and international keynote speaker.

Phoenix is for you if you work in the following wedding industries:

Beauty hair and makeup, car, catering, celebrant, decorative hire, DJ, entertainment, floristry, photography, planning, stationery, toastmaster, venue or videography.


Imagine what it would be like knowing you had a predictable system you could rely on to deliver better-paying wedding bookings, over and over again. A formula that's already produced proven results in different wedding industries in different countries.

This level of predictability is a reality happening right now for other wedding suppliers and can happen to you.


This is what one successful wedding professional said when taught a fraction of The Phoenix System:...

"Seeing Terry Lewis was one of the best decisions of my career. He helped me redefine, what was an already successful brand, into a sharper, more focused message. He is a deeply generous person with a profound level of astuteness; a fantastic coach who understand the wedding industry and how to reach your ideal market. I unreservedly recommend him."

John Nassari, Wedding Photographer
"One of the top 13 wedding photographers in London." - The Evening Standard, Photographer to Royalty and Celebrities, Multi-Award Winner

Phoenix is built around six transformative modules

The Complete Proven System

Phoenix is just an inch-wide but a mile-deep, and does just two things:

  1. Books better-paying wedding clients, and
  2. Enough of them to create the lifestyle you want.

Many wedding professionals hope for better paid bookings and a fuller calendar but the only way to achieve this is to intentionally design it.

If you want a better-paid business and lifestyle then you need a system...And The Phoenix System is coiled for results, engineered through lessons, action plans, growth assignments and downloads unleashing a powerful formula that's proven to deliver better-paying wedding couples.

Module 1: Build Rapport By Amplifying Your Message To An Avatar

Learn secrets to getting the fee you are worth that Terry Lewis has applied to transform his results and those of national and international wedding suppliers.

Module 2: Unleash Your Profitable Wedding Business

Break the habits holding you back and replace them with powerful core principles capable of making your wedding business thrive.

Module 3: Make Life Changing Decisions

Achievement comes through clarity. Leading suppliers have it and you'll get it in this module. Discover what you want from your wedding business and life, and this module will teach you how to claim it.

Module 4: The Master Principles To Make Your Wedding Business Thrive

Identify the misplaced tasks that have blocked success in your business, and in your moment of truth, you'll breakthrough and discover the daily changes required to transform your bookings and fees forever.

Module 5: Wedding Marketing Mastery

My favourite. Discover the top five income generating marketing strategies winning suppliers use for maximum bookings. Individually each is powerfully effective, but when fused together, they create a synergy capable of filling your calendar fast.

You'll also learn to eliminate the common pitfalls under-performing suppliers get stuck in for years that force them to work hard, not smart on a daily basis.

Module 6: Turn Your Passion For Weddings Into Profit

Having learnt how to successfully attract your avatar, model the 'Meeting That Converts' system Terry Lewis perfected to make getting booked by better paying couples inevitable.


Access to the Phoenix Insiders Club Facebook Group

Be a part of a supportive community that quickly troubleshoot problems, and build new relationships.

Benefit from the collective wisdom of global wedding vendors AND get extra support from me.

Four extra ways to get listed at venues

Promised result:

I'll share four additional marketing strategies you can apply to your wedding business immediately to potentially set you up for future venue listings.

Love them or hate them, Wedding Awards can transform your business

I'll reveal that by thinking like a bride, and not a 'for' or 'against' wedding supplier, why you should make it a business target to win credible wedding awards. And how to enter the awards so your application stands out.

Email swipe folder

Since learning to write copy in a style that resonates with high-paying brides, these emails get responded to up to 60% more. You can customise my templates and plug them into your auto-responder, or use them as stand-alone emails.

Not only will you get my entire swipe folder, but I'll also explain why trigger words and questions are included so you can learn to create better emails for yourself. Ensuring that each message is a “welcome guest” rather than an “annoying pest”.


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Why Choose Phoenix?

  1. Proven to work in different countries and wedding industries before launch.

  2. Get FAST results from the moment you start Module 1 so you can create the lifestyle you want.

  3. Phoenix delivers a very high return on investment (ROI). Just one extra booking from Phoenix pays for itself, then you'll go on increasing your ROI exponentially.

  4. Get lifetime access so you can deep-dive into the knowledge vault whenever you need to.

  5. Phoenix is an inch-wide but goes a mile-deep by doing just two things; it gets better-paying wedding clients, and enough of them to create the lifestyle you want.

  6. Contains zero waffle, every module will move you closer filling you calendar with wedding bookings.

    And this is why I invite you to enrol in The Phoenix Wedding Marketing System.

BEST OF ALL - The Phoenix System costs less than the price of a daily cup of coffee at Starbucks!

Making enrolment a no-brainer.

See how little this is in your local currency

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How The Phoenix System is different to any other wedding training you have tried

Phoenix is an optimised proven system

I did not want just to present another wedding marketing course, I wanted to introduce the world-class system that sets a new benchmark for the wedding industry globally. A proven blueprint you could trust in to meet you where you are and accurately take you where you want to be in the fastest possible time.

I also wanted third-party irrefutable proof that The Phoenix System would work in various sectors within the wedding industry, before bringing it to market, with that end in mind I invited a range of vendors from around the world, from celebrants to venue owners to independently field test the powerful system. The motivational coaching structure allowed them to finish what they started. They gained momentum and changed the way they worked, and this is an example of what the community said...



"Phoenix has totally turned my business around.

I am so focussed now on what I want to achieve, and although my prices are now far higher than average, I am now more confident than ever when selling my services.

I have clear direction and now work so effectively, my time is no longer used up being 'busy' and I now generate results everytime I spend any time working on my business.

The course itself contains zero waffle, and is completely focussed on action right from the start, in an almost step-by-step guide to improving your business.

This is an absolute essential and due to the increase in revenue that can be achieved so quickly, it doesn't make any sense not taking this course!"

Zoe Alexandria
Wedding Pianist

You'll learn from a world-class wedding marketing trainer

I've delivered training to wedding professionals from 30+ nationalities who've served royalty, A-list celebrities and the uber-rich with multi-million pound budgets.

I've also trained wedding suppliers who serve couples with average budgets so I can absolutely meet you where you are and take you to where you want to go.

I've had the honour of sharing the stage with speakers and TV personalities who've been hired by: Nike, Moet, the Chanel family, Hollywood Bowl, Pierce Brosnan, Britney Spears, Bentley, Kuwait Oil, Jimmy Choo, The Ritz and many more household names.

Which is why I am so excited to share The Phoenix System with you, because I know it can get you better paying clients and a fuller calendar. And I think you are going to love it.

International Feedback

From around 150 leading wedding professionals from 30+ countries.

"As you know, we pride ourselves on sourcing the best talent and speakers across the globe and we have received some fantastic feedback about your session. After compiling and reviewing the feedback from your session Terry, we are so pleased to share that you were rated as one of our top speakers with almost everyone marking you ‘Excellent.’ You were widely regarded as a skilled orator and very knowledgeable in your field and gave the audience great takeaways from your session, especially with the breakdown of the 7 key influencers that drive the market mentality...The PX show saw over 150 attendees representing over 30+ countries uniting under one roof to share their unique ideas, stories and experiences.

Delegate Feedback on Phoenix Content:
“The best one... Engaging... Inspiring... Captivating... Realy enjoyed it... Made so much sense... Logical... It was brilliant thank you so much... Straight to the point...Your talk was fantastic... Clear and precise... Super motivational."

Gauri Dhawan
Conference Producer | QnA International LLC


"When you are new to the industry or like me, in the throes of expansion, then assistance and knowledge from others is invaluable.

The Pheonix course is the perfect way to really look at your business through new eyes and by following the simple easy to follow steps and techniques you will succeed. You have the support of Terry and fellow students.

Right from the get go you will know it was the right choice. If you put the effort in you will get the results you want. I would highly recommend this course to new starters to the industry; it will save you time and money in the long run, why make mistakes when you can speed ahead now?! And also to those who may be stuck in a rut; it will make all the difference to your business.

Thank you Terry for your time and effort to put this course together and for all of your wisdom shared."

Tracy Butterfield
Wedding Seminar & Awards Organiser

What Happens If You Don't Change?

It's most likely:

  1. You'll continue to struggle day to day to make ends meet.

  2. You'll continue to work at a frantic pace just to get a few wedding clients.

  3. You'll keep on getting what you've always got.

  4. You will remain underpaid.

  5. You will not attracting enough bookings.

  6. You'll watch other suppliers get all the business.

What Wedding Suppliers Say

Lee Smith

"Terrys approach to the wedding business is fantastic! If he’s doing a course then make sure your on it!
You won’t be disappointed and you’ll come away with value and knowledge to help excel your business to the next level."


Gene Ash

"...Seeing in black and white that I was taking a scatter gun approach rather than a focused one.

I believe by using this programme I will implement change quicker and achieve my goals sooner than I had planned."


Gary Nicol

Since starting the phoenix course and learning the various modules, I have gained more self belief and confidence in what i can offer to my clients.As a result I have successfully increased my fees to which I believe are at the top in my area.
I have managed to convert the last 3 enquiries into confirmed bookings at higher fees. I'm very happy that Phoenix has taught me a new mindset about bookings and how to get higher paying brides.

Susan Miele

"Being a sole proprietor means wearing many hats. I needed to find ways to increase my business. This course helped me do both.
The content is informative, easy to follow and gives specific steps to take to get results fast.

If you commit to the course, you'll get the support and information you need to work smarter, not harder!"

Marius Adi Florea
Venue Owner

"A great opportunity to do a self business analysis, figure out where you are and where you want to be, then Phoenix just shows you the steps, strategies and techniques you need to get there.

It cannot be more simple than this, if you want to get your wedding business to a higher level."

Charmaine James

"I got a lot of 'price-shoppers' ... and that was one of the problems Phoenix helped me with.

It also taught me to look at my website as a bride, not as myself."

"I think you are going to love plugging into Phoenix and I can’t wait to help you change your results as well." - Terry Lewis


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