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By 6 Times Award Winner Terry Lewis
Fill your calendar with better-paying wedding clients




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#1 Wedding Marketing System:
Watch this video to see how wedding professionals
increased their fees and bookings by 2x, 3x and even 4x!

"Last year, I discovered so many wedding professionals struggling to get booked, when they needn't have"


Once upon a time, I was just like them.

If you had met me in the summer of 2010, you would have found me exhausted, working as many under-paid weddings as I could; I had to because I’d not yet learnt how to articulate the value in my wedding services. I needed every penny I could get to support my two girls and two boys.

Tired, I remember sitting in my home office next to the family room wondering:
“Why couldn’t I get booked by high-paying brides and grooms like the successful wedding suppliers?”

I knew until I could answer that question, nothing would change.

I can remember my son Brandon who was 16 at the time leaning against the office wall saying:
“Dad, why don’t you just offer your services to people who will pay more?”

I told him I would if I knew where they were.

“So why don’t you go and find them?” - kids can be such smart-Alecs' right? Lol.

With nothing smarter to come back with I replied, it wasn’t as simple as that and left it alone. He went off, probably to antagonise his 11-year old brother Jordan. But my son's poignant question kept rebounding in my head.


It took years of trial and error before I found the answer, but little did I know it would change my life.


The change-maker
I was eventually able to increase my prices ten-fold while being able to turn away more than fifty enquiries each year due to already being booked. I became a multi-wedding award winner, appeared in local newspapers, was interviewed by industry magazines and invited to speak at national and international wedding conferences.

When I think back, I wonder what made the change for me?

There were other wedding professionals more talented than I, with better industry connections, and much more handsome :).

So what was my catalyst for change?

Funnily enough, I’m using it right now!

Marketing through Storytelling, or MarkeTELLING as I like to call it

MarkeTELLING exclusively to discerning brides and grooms (and not everybody getting married) was the one thing that had the biggest impact on my wedding career. MarkeTELLING got me booked at destination weddings, MarkeTELLING got me on seminar stages in Dubai and Las Vegas, MarkeTELLING helped me mentor hundreds of wedding professionals.

If you want to improve your prices and number of bookings and be the type of wedding supplier couples rush to book, then commit to mastering the art of MarkeTELLING, by:

  1. Telling your story to brides and grooms in a way that warms them to you because couples don’t solely buy your services, they buy into how your unique story will help them achieve what they want.
  2. Positioning yourself as the expert offering the best choice.
  3. Learning how to break down what you do in a language brides and grooms understand, resonate and fall in love with.
  4. Articulating value and conveying worth in such compelling terms that engaged couples rush to book you even though your prices are way above average.

If you want to improve your booking rates and fees, and you want to become the type of wedding professional that engaged couples rush to book, then make a commitment to mastering the art of MarkeTELLING

Introducing the Phoenix Wedding Marketing System
by Terry Lewis

Why learn wedding marketing from me?

  • I know the buying triggers working RIGTH NOW that motivate luxury brides to book.
  • I know the winning formula to FILL your calendar with as much work as you want.
  • And I know how to BREAK IT DOWN into a proven step by step system that you can UNDERSTAND and implement QUICKLY.
  • I've taught wedding professionals from 30+ countries including Canada, America, UK, Scotland, Switzerland, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Italy, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Thailand, Bali and Australia.
  • I've got proven results for wedding professionals like Melissa who said:

"...I've put Phoenix into practice, and last year when I looked at what I had on the books I had eight weddings... right now we have 40!... I've increased my prices three times since doing Phoenix and sold more bookings and got more amounts of money for those bookings, the return on investment is well worth it for sure... We have booked approximately 80% more weddings as a result of Phoenix."

Melissa Barban

Through Phoenix I break down what's working right NOW, step by sep, so you can get extra wedding bookings and increase your income!

When you enrol you get lifetime access,
so you can learn to earn at your own pace.

Phoenix, The Complete Proven System

Phoenix is the step by step online wedding marketing course that reveals in just six modules the MUST-HAVE strategies you need to really make it in the wedding industry this year.

Phoenix goes an inch-wide but a mile-deep, in just two areas:

  1. How to book better-paying wedding clients.
  2. How to get enough bookings to create the lifestyle you want.

Many wedding professionals hope for better paid bookings and a fuller calendar but the only way to achieve this is to intentionally design it.

If you want a better-paying wedding business, then you'll need this powerful proven formula to show you the way.

Module 1: Build a better business by amplifying your message to an Avatar

This is the module that reveals the strategies and tools you'll need to attract and book not just any bride and groom, but your perfect client so you'll get extra bookings at the fee you are worth.

Module 2: Turn your business into a profit making machine

Break the habits that have so far kept you undersubscribed and underpaid and learn exactly what marketing is attracting the money right now, so you can dramatically speed-up bookings at the price you want.

Module 3: Learn the habits of success

Achievement comes through clarity. Top wedding suppliers have it and you'll get the focus you need in this module. The result is you'll learn how to set goals and achieve them.

Module 4: The Master Principles to make success sustainable

In this module you'll experience a moment of truth. Your breakthrough will reveal the daily changes you'll have to make to transform your bookings and fees forever.

Module 5: How to get other people to send leads to you on autopilot

Wedding Marketing Mastery is my absolute favourite module. I'll teach you the top five income generating strategies that motivate other people to refer business to you. Individually each strategy is powerfully effective, but when you fuse them together, they'll create a synergy capable of supercharging your conversion rates.

Module 6: How to make getting booked by luxury brides inevitable

Motivating your ideal couples to enquire is only one half of the coin, the other is the skill of converting prospects into clients through compelling connection skills. This game-changing module will teach you the art of 'Meetings That Convert'.


Access to the Phoenix Insiders Club Facebook Group

Unlock the door to a supportive community that quickly troubleshoots problems.

Benefit from the collective wisdom of global wedding vendors AND get extra support from me.

Connect with other suppliers in your industry to get and make referrals.

Four extra ways to get listed at venues

Promised result:

I'll share four additional marketing strategies you can apply to your wedding business immediately to potentially set you up for future venue listings.

Love them or hate them, Wedding Awards can transform your business

You'll discover by thinking like a bride, why you should win credible wedding awards. Using my experience of being a six-times wedding award winner, I'll also uncover how to enter the awards so your application stands out.

Email swipe folder

I use to suffer from low response rates whenever I sent emails to enquirers. Today they get responded to up to 60% more!

You can customise my templates and plug them into your auto-responder, or use them as stand-alone emails to motivate couples to get back to you.

Not only will you get my entire swipe folder, but I'll also explain why trigger words and questions are included so you can learn to create better emails for yourself. Ensuring that each message is received as a “welcome guest” rather than an “annoying pest”.

Here's a quick recap of what you'll get:

  1. I'll mentor you with my best training that's been proven to work in different countries and different wedding industries.

  2. FAST results from the moment you start Module 1.

  3. A very high return on investment (ROI). Get just one extra booking from Phoenix and it pays for itself, then you'll go on increasing your ROI exponentially.

  4. Lifetime access so you can self-pace your way through Phoenix as quickly or slowly as you like.

  5. A world-class course that contains zero waffle, built by someone with over a decades experience in wedding marketing and sales. This is why every module, lesson and exercise will move you closer filling you calendar with better quality bookings.

    And this is how you will be able to significantly grow your wedding business.

BEST OF ALL You can get instant access to Phoenix for less than the price of a daily cup of coffee at Starbucks making it a no-brainer!

What's more you have the flexibility to:
1. Pay in British Pounds or US Dollars
2. Spread cost over 6 months or pay in full for a discount

Have questions or need help ordering?

Call +44 7974 123 567 (UK number)

"Phoenix has totally turned my business around.

I am so focussed now on what I want to achieve, and although my prices are now far higher than average, I am now more confident than ever when selling my services.

I have clear direction and now work so effectively, my time is no longer used up being 'busy' and I now generate results everytime I spend any time working on my business.

The course itself contains zero waffle, and is completely focussed on action right from the start, in an almost step-by-step guide to improving your business.

This is an absolute essential and due to the increase in revenue that can be achieved so quickly, it doesn't make any sense not taking this course!"

Zoe Alexandria

You'll learn from a world-class wedding marketing trainer

I've delivered training to wedding professionals from 30+ nationalities who've served royalty, A-list celebrities and the uber-rich with multi-million pound budgets. I've also trained wedding suppliers who serve couples with average budgets so I can absolutely meet you where you are and take you to where you want to go.

International Feedback

From around 150 leading wedding professionals from 30+ countries.

"As you know, we pride ourselves on sourcing the best talent and speakers across the globe and we have received some fantastic feedback about your session. After compiling and reviewing the feedback from your session Terry, we are so pleased to share that you were rated as one of our top speakers with almost everyone marking you ‘Excellent.’ You were widely regarded as a skilled orator and very knowledgeable in your field and gave the audience great takeaways from your session, especially with the breakdown of the 7 key influencers that drive the market mentality...The PX show saw over 150 attendees representing over 30+ countries uniting under one roof to share their unique ideas, stories and experiences.

Delegate Feedback on Phoenix Content:
“The best one... Engaging... Inspiring... Captivating... Really enjoyed it... Made so much sense... Logical... It was brilliant thank you so much... Straight to the point...Your talk was fantastic... Clear and precise... Super motivational."

Gauri Dhawan
Conference Producer | QnA International LLC

What Successful Wedding Suppliers Say

Lee Smith
Magician, UK

"Terrys approach to the wedding business is fantastic! If he’s doing a course then make sure your on it!
You won’t be disappointed and you’ll come away with value and knowledge to help excel your business to the next level."

Gene Ash
Photographer, UK

"...Seeing in black and white that I was taking a scatter gun approach rather than a focused one.

I believe by using this programme I will implement change quicker and achieve my goals sooner than I had planned."

Gary Nicol
DJ, Scotland

...I have gained more self belief and confidence in what I can offer to my clients. As a result I have successfully increased my fees to which I believe are at the top in my area.
I have a new mindset about bookings and how to get higher-paying brides.

Susan Miele
Celebrant, USA

"Being a sole proprietor means wearing many hats. I needed to find ways to increase my business. This course helped me do both.
The content is informative, easy to follow and gives specific steps to take to get results fast.

If you commit to the course, you'll get the support and information you need to work smarter, not harder!"

Marius Adi Florea
Venue Owner, Romania

"A great opportunity to do a self business analysis, figure out where you are and where you want to be, then Phoenix just shows you the steps, strategies and techniques you need to get there.

It cannot be more simple than this, if you want to get your wedding business to a higher level."

Charmaine James
Planner, Belgium

"I got a lot of 'price-shoppers' ... and that was one of the problems Phoenix helped me with.

It also taught me to look at my website as a bride, not as myself."

Hero image credits: Bridal photo by John Nassari | Planner: Mitheo Events | Venue: Ambassador Aegean

This is not a "get rich quick" course that promises rapid income. This is a teaching course for you to apply options to help you grow your wedding business. Your results are up to you and are governed by the effort you put in.


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