Phoenix is your complete A-Z Wedding Marketing course.

Designed to confidently increase your prices and number of bookings.

Hi my name is Terry Lewis, creator of Phoenix, the fully tried and tested online wedding course championed by wedding professionals around the globe. A course born out of a passion I developed from the phenomenal success I've enjoyed in the wedding industry, which includes:

  1. Increasing my fees by 10x since start-up.

  2. Being able to turn away more than 50 premium couples each year due to already being booked.

  3. Mentoring one-to-one students to get transformative results from their wedding businesses.


I created this course because I realised many wedding suppliers are good at what they do but struggle to get the fees and number of bookings they deserve. And this is why I've taken my knowledge and poured it into this comprehensive training.

Not only does it teach you the deeper theory behind booking the number of weddings you want at the price you are worth, it gives the actual execution so you can achieve lasting success. I've left nothing out. Everything is presented in a clear step by step framework  and I can't wait to share the Phoenix Method with you.


"Terry's Phoenix training programme will take you to places which will challenge your thinking and spur you to be the best wedding supplier you can be. You will learn to believe in yourself and have the confidence to provide exceptional services to brides and grooms.

When I contacted Terry I did so unsure of my ability to charge the prices I now believe confidently that I am worth. I was already doing many of the things he taught so he approached me where I was at. He challenged me to think about who my service was for and how I could amplify my message to that specific client.

His eye for detail is enviable, he has helped me to see things that I previously thought didn't matter as being very important, right down to the choice of words on my website.

Terry has been a very useful sounding board. As a successful provider in the wedding industry Terry has given me the confidence to know that the decisions I am making are the right ones because he has done it himself.

I appreciate his drive, his confidence and his ability to take me to places I never really considered myself able to go.

Thanks Terry, I'm enjoying this journey."

Steven Heath

The brilliance behind Phoenix

Unique. Passion. Perfection.

The only wedding marketing training course designed to get wedding clients on autopilot at increased prices, and proved to work in major countries around the world before launch.

Not only will Phoenix give you the strategy for success but also an implementation program to make it happen.

Phoenix is uniquely brilliant.



I began with three goals in mind:

  1. To produce an online wedding marketing course that increases your confidence, booking rate and fees.
  2. To make the training affordable to wedding professionals.
  3. To offer a course proven to work.


To evolve Phoenix further, I put it through beta testing by taking a selection of handpicked wedding professionals from around the globe to trial the course.

Suppliers from Celebrants to Venue Owners, in England, Scotland, America, Canada and Europe were asked to implement the training inside their businesses.

Phoenix inspired them to phenomenal success, and can do the same for you.



Our industry has waited a long time for a training of this calibre. Enrollment is expected to be high. Join Phoenix if you have a driven want to increase your wedding fees and number of bookings.

Enrolment closes at 7.00 pm on 28 February, 2 weeks later.

"Phoenix has totally turned my business around.

I am so focussed now on what I want to achieve, and although my prices are now far higher than average, I am now more confident than ever when selling my services.

I have clear direction and now work so effectively, my time is no longer used up being 'busy' and I now generate results everytime I spend any time working on my business.

The course itself contains zero waffle, and is completely focussed on action right from the start, in an almost step-by-step guide to improving your business.

This is an absolute essential and due to the increase in revenue that can be achieved so quickly, it doesn't make any sense not taking this course! "

Zoe Alexandria

Course overview.

Whats included.

  • The only wedding marketing course designed to increase your prices and number of bookings and proved to work in major countries around the world before launch.

  • Study mode - Intensive/inspirational.
  • The complete framework to grow your wedding business.

  • Beautifully presented video slide-decks with voiceovers.
  • The high-level theory behind wedding business success.
  • Step by step implementation program.
  • Inspiration and motivation to get you to the finish line.
  • 10 Modules.
  • 26 Lessons.

  • 40 Growth assignments in these various formats:

  • PDF exercises.

  • Guides.

  • Fill in the blank worksheets.

  • Templates.


Exclusive bonus

Access to the Private Phoenix Facebook Group

The highly focused safe zone for you to share your challenges and wins with like minded action takers.

  • A friendly, supportive community of ambitious wedding professionals committed to getting increased fees and bookings.
  • Quickly troubleshoot problems whenever you get stuck or need a little extra support.
  • Benefit from the collective wisdom of wedding vendors both inside and outside of your industry, both inside and outside of your country, whenever you need to brainstorm a challenge.
  • This is a community run group and students are expected to help each other, but I will be in there regularly helping people out and building relationships as well.

Phoenix is priced affordably... deliberately.

My speaking fee is up to £1,500
My 1-to-1 Mentoring fee is £500 /mo 

One of the reasons I created Phoenix was to help wedding suppliers who need an affordable step by step system to increase their fees and number of bookings.

The problem before Phoenix
Wedding suppliers would read my book or hear me speak at a wedding conference and get inspired with the actionable content I left them with. Those wanting to go deeper would reach out to me but could not progress because my £500 monthly 1-to-1 mentoring fee was unaffordable to most. I realised many were caught in this Catch 22 situation, meaning the wedding vendors who needed me the most, could not afford my training... until now.

Phoenix is the low cost solution
Phoenix is my way of smashing the price barrier to world class training, by ensuring every wedding supplier who wants a proven step by step framework to grow their business, can afford access to my program for just £40 per month. That's less than the price of a daily cup of coffee!


Phoenix is available from Monday 5 February 2018.

Enrolment closes at 7.00 pm on 19 February, just 2 weeks later.

Price and why enrolling is a no-brainer.

No-brainer number 1:

If you think Phoenix will deliver just one new booking in 6 months, enrolling is a no-brainer.

I know you are smart and will only enrol if you think you will get a return on your investment, so here's the maths; Phoenix is not a quick fix. Although some students reported winning new business at higher prices in two months, my average student sees exponential results in approximately six months. That's just £240 worth of training. If you charge more than £240 for your wedding services, just one new booking via the Phoenix Method will pay for your course (or two bookings if your prices are meagre), then you can keep on winning increased wedding bookings at higher prices, and this is why enrolling to learn The Phoenix Method is a no-brainer.

Alternatively, you could invest slightly more money in a daily cup of coffee; it will do nothing to get you higher wedding fees and increased numbers of clients, but it will give you a quick caffeine fix!

No-brainer number 2:

To make the decision even easier for you, there is no long tie-in; I promise you will love Phoenix and the results you will get in a similar way the students I've trained before you have, or you can cancel anytime with just 30 days notice, so you really are free to stay or go.


No-brainer number 3:


I'm so confident you are going to love the unique brilliance of your wedding marketing course, I'm letting you

TRY Phoenix FREE for 7 days,
before you BUY.

Phoenix is available worldwide from Valentine's Day.

Your one-time enrolment opportunity opens on Monday 5 February 2018, in...








  1. Hurry, enrolment closes at 7.00 pm on 28 February, just 2 weeks later.

This is so I can move you and the other Phoenixians forward simultaneously in a similar way you would be collectively moved forward at college or university.

Don't miss your one-time opportunity to enrol and master wedding marketing if your ambition is to get increased bookings and higher paying wedding clients.


Make sure you don't miss out, by signing up to get a reminder just before the launch.

And get free marketing strategies and advice, inspired by the course in the run-up; starting with a free report covering the foundations of attracting and booking high paying wedding clients.

Trust Phoenix, because it works.


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