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About me & you.

I help wedding suppliers fill their calendars with wedding bookings at 2x, 3x and even 10x their current earnings.


I can help if you:

  • Have too few bookings
  • Quote too low
  • Have too few enquiries
  • Need inspiration

How you'll get success.

Brides with above average budgets hire remarkable suppliers. I'll teach you how to become remarkable and invaluable in the eyes of your ideal clients.



My story

I know what it’s like to stand in the middle of your shoes because I was once a struggling wedding professional priced at the low to middle end of the market. I knew I was worth more but struggled to achieve it.

I continued with my self harming habit of accepting underpaid work from venues and clients until the pain of insufficient income became too much. I was working myself ragged, and for what?

 I knew of suppliers in my industry who where earning up to 10x my rates; they were not so different from me. Why were higher spending brides booking them and not me? I knew I was doing something wrong but what?

By 2011, enough was enough and I committed to change. I leant from the best mentors I had access to both inside and outside the wedding industry, both inside and outside of this country.

 What they taught me changed my life.

 2014 arrived and my fees were significantly higher than my 2010/11 rates yet bookings were at record levels, that’s right I was actually winning more business than ever at up to 10x what I was previously paid. I had finally discovered how to position, package and promote to brides willing to pay my premium asking price, in abundance of my availability to deliver. I was oversubscribed on many dates years in advance.

Introducing The Terry Lewis Formula
When I eventually understood the formula for creating demand at the fees I was worth, I wondered if I was just fortunate and if what I was doing would only work inside my business ...or could it help others?

So I decided to test it; I systemised everything successful I did into a formula, and began teaching that formula to other wedding professionals… and they began to get amazing results as well. It was then that I knew I had cracked the code.

"Hi Terry,

I’m £4k up on last year's January orders and I had the BEST month EVER!  Yaay!…

I have doubled my assistant's hours and got an extra person working from home for me…

I’ve had such better clients with bigger weddings… "

Louise O'Neill

"A massive thanks to Terry Lewis and his mentoring programme

I had been stuck charging around £200 for over 15 years when I bumped into a friend at a networking event.

He recommended Terry's 1-1 Mentoring Programme and after 6 months, I converted my first five out of five enquiries into bookings for weddings with an average fee of £1,475!

I definitely had to up my game and stretch myself, but I now know it’s possible. Thanks again Terry for all your insights and encouragement. It has been so worth it."

Chris Anthony

"Hi Terry, Thank you for what you have done for me since signing up for your 1-to-1 mentoring program!

I am amazed at how quickly the level and quality of my bookings has improved since taking your advice.  I have followed all of your strategies and got great results!

This has saved me so much time and money in avoiding marketing mishaps.  I've also noticed that even though my prices have increased hugely, I am actually getting more bookings and my self confidence has increased massively.   There's no stopping me now, thank you!"

Zoe Alexandria

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