I donate a proportion of my income monthly to our charity GAAP. When you use my services you also help me to help others...

About The GAAP Orphanage Foundation

In 2008, one of my best friends Abbey Orebanwo founded the GAAP Orphanage Foundation and invited me to become the co-founder. Friends Douglas Elom and Tony Snow came onboard at the same time taking on roles as Trustees of the charity.

The aim of GAAP is to help care-givers in Africa provide better standards for orphaned, abandoned and disabled children. I guess you can say we quickly became four men with a lot of babies :).

Our first mission was in 2009. We flew to Lagos to initiate work on digging a borehole to provide fresh water to a home of 38 able and disabled children.

During the same trip, we distributed school kits donated from schools in Essex and local parents who support our work. We also found time to paint a nursery.


Some of our other projects include:

* Donating food to underprivileged children

*Donating food parcels on the streets of Lagos

* Giving fruits every week to orphanages

* Giving first aid training to care-givers twice over three years

* Setting up the GAAP Education Center for under 15's offering Maths, English, IT and Art

* Providing annual Easter and Christmas parties for the children

* Introducing better healthcare standards

* Giving medical aid

This work is only possible through fundraising, and by supporting the wedding marketing training I offer, you are also indirectly supporting the GAAP Orphanage Foundation through the monthly donations I make.

If you'd like to find out how you can get involved with our program, or would like to make a donation to our cause, please visit www.gaaporphanage.org.uk.

With thanks

Co-Founder of the GAAP Orphanage Foundation

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