Every month I donate to The GAAP Orphanage Foundation. A charity I co-founded more than a decade ago with my best friend and founder, Abbey Orebanwo.

And with the help of our fellow trustees - Doug Elom, Tony Snow, and Roger Simpson, the objective is to help orphaned and abandoned children in Africa through the giving of emotional support, food, medical aid, clothing, education, training for care-givers and social events for the children like Easter and Christmas parties.

Some of our past projects include:

* Drilling a borehole to provide fresh water for an orphanage with 38 kids that had no fresh indoor running water
* Decorating a playroom for toddlers
* Donating food to underprivileged children
* Giving first aid training to caregivers twice over 3 years
* Setting up an education centre for under 15’s offering Maths, English, IT and Art
* Donating school kits to kids living in mud huts
* Providing annual Easter and Christmas parties for the children
* Introducing better healthcare standards
* Giving medical aid


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