Terry's book provides concrete steps to success. Written in an easy style with personal anecdotes, Terry puts a fine point on key concepts for success. Highly recommended to anyone in the event industry (any sales professional can find nuggets here too).

Jim Cerone - The Perfect Host

"Terry, I recently received your book in the mail. I am about halfway through, and I felt compelled to message you to let you know that this is hands down the most comprehensive industry book I have ever read....and I have A LOT of them..."

Donny Lovering
5 Star Amazon Book Review *****

"I'm always on a never stop journey looking for great books for the wedding industry. Not an easy task since there are not so many out there. 12 Habits Of Successfully Booked Up Wedding Suppliers, stands definitely on top of this pile. I love the way Terry writes, proposes, recommends, teaches. He hasn't just mastered his art but he is so communicable about it. A must-read for any wedding professional."

Christos Nikas
5 Star Amazon Book Review *****

"An absolute MUST READ if you want to take your wedding business to the next level! From the opening pages, you will have a clear indication of the sheer passion and expert insight that Terry shares with us. He engages the reader in such a way that you finish the book by not only having lots of great tips, but you feel like you have just completed a virtual workshop! I have invested thousands of pounds in my business. However, I can honestly say that this is one of the most valuable items - and only cost £15! Thanks Terry."

Jason Gamble
5 Star Amazon Book Review *****

"Hi Terry I’m on page 13 of your book it’s like you know what I’m feeling and thinking. Very good read so far."

Harry Eardley

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