Extensive program for getting brides & grooms coming to you

This program clearly shows you WHAT steps to take to get couples hunting you instead of you chasing them, and HOW to implement cleaver strategies so you get enquires you can convert every month.

Inside this program you will get:

Lesson 1:
Pipelines & Anchors

You will discover how to:

  • Identify then fill-in the missing pieces so you can install Pipelines that get couples coming to you.

Promised result:

  • You'll follow a step-by step guide to tie-down your new strategies with Anchors so couples line-up to book for as long as you choose to be a wedding supplier.


Lesson 2:
The 7 Influencers

You will discover that:

  • The 7 Influencers have been used in business for centuries, and as you become more aware of them, you'll realise how your favourite companies rely on them to win your loyalty and custom.

Promised result:

  • By fusing the 7 Influencers into all of your marketing and sales processes, you'll appeal more to brides and grooms and get booked more often.

Lesson 3:
Conversations That Inspire Couples To Book

you will discover:

  • Knowledge is great, but Applied Knowledge is even greater. You will learn how to fuse the knowledge gained in lessons 1 and 2 into captivating conversations with brides and grooms that provide clarity as to why your services stand head-and-shoulders above your competitors.

Promised result:

  • By articulating your Influencers, Pipelines and Anchors through the secret template I'll share, brides and grooms will resonate strongly with your message. It will be as if you are inside their head, precisely describing the experience they have been looking for.

  • Couples will be ultra clear why their wedding will be better with you, and you will find it much easier to inspire them to book, even if you cost more.

Currently in beta testing

This is the precise system I've used to get through the tough times we are all facing. Every month since lockdown began, I've taken deposits from couples planning weddings in 2021 and beyond. Most purchased my top offer; it's how I've survived financially, and you can too. Couples are still falling in love and proposing, and winning their bookings has never been more crucial for you.

I never launch a new program until it's proven to work, first in my business, then in the businesses of other wedding suppliers across a broad range of categories and countries. I am at that stage now. I will only launch it once independent suppliers confirm they have got consistently brilliant results from the program as well, never before.

Because I believe in its brilliance, I want you to have a sneak preview for free when the release premiers this autumn. Fill in the form below to be one of the first to see it. I can't wait to have you inside.


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