Website Mistakes That Drive MORE Price-shoppers THAN Value-Buyers To You (Part 1 of 2)

If more price shoppers than value buyers end up in front of you, the miscommunication is likely to stem from your marketing message, your letter to your avatar. And because the greatest chance of someone forming an opinion of you is via your website, start there to get to the root of the problem.
If price shoppers are attracted to you, it's because you are 'inadvertently' appealing to them. And if you are appealing to price shoppers, you are turning off the discerning couples you really want to book; a horrible Catch-22 cycle.
The way to attract and book your ideal client is found in the clarity of your message. So how do you gain clarity?
If we are to begin with the end in mind, there is no better starting place than this quote by Albert Einstein:
"We cannot solve our problems with the SAME thinking we used when we created them."
So what THINKING did you use when you inadvertently started appealing to price shoppers?
Well, if you made the...
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Regain Your Competitive Advantage

The reality is the barriers to entry for many wedding industries are practically non existent today, for example anyone with a digital camera and some software can become a wedding photographer.

Gone are the days where a shopfront premises are required or specialist dark room skills. Digital has removed the friction, or put another way, digital has removed many of the expert skills and heavy investment required from a bygone era. Digital has made becoming a photographer so much easier. And this is why the market is flooded. It’s happening world-wide. In short, digital has let the genie out of the bottle, and it’s never going back in.

If you are a videographer, cake maker, stationer, make-up artist, hairdresser, musician, DJ, toastmaster (and this list is by no means extensive)… cases for concern can be made for your industry as well.

So how do you cope in the new world where weekend warriors and coffee shop wannabes enter your market and compete with inferior...

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Wedding Awards

NEW!! Tuesdays with Terry
Wedding Marketing for Wedding Professionals

It’s Award Season so I’m taking on a topic that often splits the crowd:
Are Wedding Awards a Waste of Time?
“In my humble opinion, the short answer is no.”
But as a seven-time award winner and now judge for TWIA (The Wedding Industry Awards), you'd expect me to say that.
Let me explain why I recommend putting the expense of entering credible wedding awards near the top of your marketing budget; and why you should invest valuable time shaping your company to win.
There can only be one winner granted, but that could be you! So what does winning mean?
Well, to those I've debated with who express the contrary, it means nothing. They've told me it's just a hollow badge on your website. Some argue that brides do not even value awards and that they look to other distinguishers in wedding suppliers when selecting who to hire.
Here's why I disagree. Should you be lucky...
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Planners Xtraodinaire Show

Join me in Dubai this October for my talk on the secrets to getting booked by your ideal brides and grooms.


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Ask Terry Anything In The Wedding Marketing Clinic

Do you have a wedding marketing question you'd love answered? I often get asked similar questions in different ways. I'll share the most popular here. Check back for updates periodically:

Hi Terry, I currently average 45 plus weddings per year, though its a lot, I contribute it to my pricing being competitive for the quality I provide. My sales last year was upward of $180k.

The biggest frustration in this business right now specially in my city (Florida) is the weekend warriors. Digital has made it easier for someone to pickup a camera , shoot a ton of photos, edit and filter the heck out of the photos and they are getting paid even more than what I charge. As a full time photographer for over 20 years with a brick and mortar location in a well established wedding area, I see more and more go to the coffee shop photographers, taking a bite of our business here for the true professionals.

Churches here have also put stronger restrictions on shooting as these not...

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