"Every day you live, you are gifted with another 86,400 seconds. The successfully booked up wedding professionals you know are gifted with the same 86,400 seconds as you. The reason you are producing a different level of success because of the different way you use your time."
There is no better milestone to reflect on what you achieved with the precious time you were given last year than at the start of a new year and decade.
So what successes did you achieve in 2019? What's your idea of success in 2020?
And by 'success', I'm not just talking about having a financially sound wedding business. Yes, creating sufficient income is one of the core pillars because money helps you pay for the things you want for yourself and the people you love and care about, but that's just one of the 5 Pillars I advocate for a fully rounded life, here's your overview of what they are:
  1. Your relationships with your partner (if...
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When it comes to marketing, there are more than 100 strategies to choose from, just ask Google, they'll fill your screen in seconds. But when I surveyed the wedding industry, the 9 strategies listed below emerged as popular favourites over and over again.

How many are you using? 

All work, but some deliver better quality bookings than others, but before you discover which ones do, let's first split the 9 strategies into two categories:

Dragging Buckets Vs Installing Pipelines.

When you go hunting for brides and grooms - you Drag Buckets.

When you get hunted by brides and grooms, you've installed Pipelines.

Pipelines are marketing gold -They sit at the top of your Marketing Pyramid, are word of mouth, or system-generated enquiries arriving on autopilot while you do other things.

Buckets -Sit in the base of your Marketing Pyramid, are hustled enquiries, created by you, producing one-hit wonders, often at a cost.


Breaking it down

Here are the 6 differentiators...

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How to write compelling ads for success in 2020


Think of your ad as a 3-sectioned funnel:

  1. The purpose of the headline is to compel your bride and groom to read the main copy.
  2. The purpose of the main copy is to compel your couple to click your CTA (call to action).
  3. The purpose of the CTA is to move your couple onto your preferred next step.

Your headline
Begin with a benefit-driven headline that goes straight to the heart of your bride and grooms desire to gain or avoid something, but it can also do both! Let's use the headline in this post as an example:

"How to write compelling ads for success in 2020."

Well, this is definitely loaded with benefits. The "How to" offers the benefit of education and transformation… being able to "write compelling ads" is benefit-driven because it's precisely what you, the wedding pro wants to achieve. It works, which is why you've read this far :-)

This headline is all about 'gain', but you can easily extend it to appeal to people who are motivated by the need to avoid an...

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How to successfully offer a Money-back Guarantee.

(Estimated reading time: 6 minutes, 24 seconds.)

An effective influencer governing the buying decisions of your most valued couples is to offer a money-back guarantee (MBG).

But of all I teach, this bold influencer meets with the most resistance. And I totally get it. I know your concerns (if you have any) because there once was a time when I resisted offering a money-back guarantee as well.

Actually, that's an understatement.

When I first contemplated the idea, I clenched my buttocks so tight, had I been sitting on a lump of coal it would have compressed into a diamond! But joking aside, the reason I objected was because it is an ADVANCED INFLUENCER that's NOT right for everybody and I was not ready for it at the time.

You see, I did not realise that offering a MBG required a very high level of business confidence through an ability to over-deliver on a couple's expectations. Furthermore, I had two massive fears for not offering a MBG:

Fear #1 "What if my couple just made...

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Get Brides & Grooms Fizzing with Excitement


I've been paying close attention to the language better-paying couples use to describe the suppliers they love for more than half a decade.

"We changed the date of our wedding to have them."

"They were exactly what we are looking for."

"S/he was the only one we looked at."


When you create a signature wedding experience that gets couples fizzing with excitement the moment they discover it, price is no longer the #1 buying trigger, emotion is.

Has that ever happened to you, where you got so emotionally attached to something you just had to have it; even though a cheaper option was available? You bought it because the emotional pull outweighed its cost.

Better-paying brides and grooms behave in the same way.


When you can clearly articulate the professionalism, excitement and reliability your business delivers, you'll heighten the emotional connection couples feel for you, reaching the tipping point where you're no longer expensive; you're essential to the success...

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To win better bookings, you have to win your mindset game


Mental toughness is required

This post is more intense than the lighter ones I've shared in previous weeks, so you may want to study it, then have a break for 20 minutes or so, then come back and go over it again.

The infographic shows the price curve many wedding professionals travel along (self-included), from start-up (being underpaid) to maturity (getting paid what you are worth).

The Red Xs mark the price points where sufficient bookings are made at the asking price.


Point A - Typically at start-up, suppliers operate along the lower Price-Driven Mindset Curve. An eagerness to get booked results in suppliers accepting low to medium paying weddings. Suppliers set costs at this level, for one of three reasons:

1) The desire to be priced competitively so as not to be ruled out by the price-sensitive couples they inadvertently attract.

2) The fear that brides and grooms will view the supplier as too expensive if they charged their worth.

3) A lack of...

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Common flaws in wedding websites - Why MORE price shoppers THAN high spending brides contact you (Part 2 of 2)

Two weeks ago, I promised to reveal the winning formula for a wedding website that converts, here it is:

If your site tries to appeal to all, instead of to your ideal couple, you will inadvertently attract price shoppers and repel the higher paying couples you want to book, locking you in an awful 'Catch 22' cycle. To break-out, there is no better starting place than this quote:

So what THINKING did you use when you began to inadvertently appeal to price shoppers?


Let's Begin With Design

Let us say you deliver a 5/5 service, but your poorly designed website wrongly implies its only 3/5. The ambiguity in your message will result in your target audience side-stepping you because of a failure to resonate with their needs, however price shoppers may get in touch because your 'look and feel' may appeal to them.


Your Website Will Underperform If:

1. Your landing page headline does not match the message to the ideal couple you ...

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It's Wedding Fair Season So I'm Sharing A Strategy That I've Used To Deliver On Average 30 Warm Leads Per Show


Discover how to  to maximise the return on you wedding fair investment in just 3 minutes and 46 seconds.




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Website Mistakes That Drive MORE Price-shoppers THAN Value-Buyers To You (Part 1 of 2)

If more price shoppers than value buyers end up in front of you, the miscommunication is likely to stem from your marketing message, your letter to your avatar. And because the greatest chance of someone forming an opinion of you is via your website, start there to get to the root of the problem.
If price shoppers are attracted to you, it's because you are 'inadvertently' appealing to them. And if you are appealing to price shoppers, you are turning off the discerning couples you really want to book; a horrible Catch-22 cycle.
The way to attract and book your ideal client is found in the clarity of your message. So how do you gain clarity?
If we are to begin with the end in mind, there is no better starting place than this quote by Albert Einstein:
"We cannot solve our problems with the SAME thinking we used when we created them."
So what THINKING did you use when you inadvertently started appealing to price shoppers?
Well, if you made the...
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Regain Your Competitive Advantage

The reality is the barriers to entry for many wedding industries are practically non existent today, for example anyone with a digital camera and some software can become a wedding photographer.

Gone are the days where a shopfront premises are required or specialist dark room skills. Digital has removed the friction, or put another way, digital has removed many of the expert skills and heavy investment required from a bygone era. Digital has made becoming a photographer so much easier. And this is why the market is flooded. It’s happening world-wide. In short, digital has let the genie out of the bottle, and it’s never going back in.

If you are a videographer, cake maker, stationer, make-up artist, hairdresser, musician, DJ, toastmaster (and this list is by no means extensive)… cases for concern can be made for your industry as well.

So how do you cope in the new world where weekend warriors and coffee shop wannabes enter your market and compete with inferior...

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