Government measures that can help your wedding businesses through Covid-19 cancellations

I do not know a single wedding professional who is not concerned about their cashflow as a result of postponements and cancellations. If you have financial concerns this economic response from the Exchequer offers some relief. Here’s a summary of the key points:
    1. Government back loan on attractive terms to pay rent, salaries, suppliers or to purchase stock.
    2. For larger firms low cost commercial papers.
  • Loans of up to £5m with no interest due for the first 6 months - up and running by the start of next week.
  • Cashflow and fixed costs help for businesses in the hospitality, retail and leisure sectors with a rateable value of less than £51,000. Businesses in these sectors can get up to £25,000 cash grant to help bridge through this difficult period.
  • Extended business rates holiday to all businesses in the hospitality, retail and leisure sectors irrespective of rateable value so they will pay no business rates whatsoever for the next 12 months.
  • Small...
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Wedding Marketing Workshop - Dublin

Dublin, 9 June

I've been invited to deliver the Phoenix Wedding Marketing Workshop in Dublin on 9 June. Want to join me?

This unique one-day event, hosted by WDJA, will be held at the 4-star Glenroyal Hotel, Straffan Rd, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, W23 C2C9, Ireland.


Breakthrough Seminars
10 am to 5 pm
On the day, you'll experience a-ha moments as you finally understand the art of getting booked rests on the buyer psycology of your couple and much less on price than you may think.


This seminar will help you get inside your couples head and join in the conversation they are already having so they will see you as the perfect fit for their day.

If you are a wedding professional who is good at what you do but struggles getting hired, not only will you uncover what to do to solve that problem, you'll have a lot of fun along the way!

If you'd like to learn more, please feel free to visit this link: ...

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You Work For Yourself But Is Your Inbox Your Real Boss?

Before bookings became a certainty in my business, I was often distracted from achieving goals by my inbox, and I didn't even know it!

I'd wake, check emails and instantly react to messages that had nothing to do with motivating engaged couples to book me, the next thing I knew, the morning was gone and sometimes part of the afternoon too! I was being bossed around by other peoples messages that were not helping me to fill the booking gaps in my calendar - can you relate to that? If you do, do you think you need to fire yourself and re-hire a more business-focused version of you?

It dawned on me that every time I allowed a random email to sidetrack me, it not only took me away from what I should have been doing - working on my priorities, it diverted me towards working on someone else's priorities!

That was when I realised I needed to get the blinkers on if I were ever to lay 'Pipelines'. A Pipeline is a strategy that encourages engaged couples to enquire or book.

I only took the...

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Show Your Wedding Business Some Love This Valentine's Day




It's one of the industries most loved books. (96.4% of wedding pros on Amazon gave it a 5-star rating, the rest gave it 4-stars).

If you are not enjoying flowing bookings and want to know what to change, then now is the perfect time to treat your business to the "Must Read Book" so you can get more engaged couples falling in love with you.


Sent with love,


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CWR - Coaching With Results

I'll never forget my first Unleash The Power Within experience with Tony Robbins; it was in 2007. Inspired, I hired my first business coach months afterwards.
The following year our catering company became an award winner, and we went onto serve TV celebs and worked alongside Dragons Den Levi Roots at the Notting Hill Carnival.
Why did I wait until 2007 before hiring a coach? Two reasons:
i) I told myself I could not afford one.
ii) I thought, surely I could figure out success for myself.
The truth was before my coach showed me the fastest route to success, I was unhappily plodding along using trial and error to win business, yes it worked to a degree, but winning business seemed complicated, and progress was slow. It was only after learning from my coach who had already achieved what I wanted to achieve was I able to fast track success.
'WEDology' Season
January to March is the quietest quarter for wedding...
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How To Respond When Brides Ask The Price Question Too Soon

Look at it from a bride and grooms viewpoint

There are a lot of frustrations going on inside a couples head when wedding planning.

Brides and grooms may source around 20 suppliers for their big day, often with minimal professional wedding planning experience. And when you factor in couples may shortlist three suppliers in each category before making a decision, that's at least sixty initial enquiries (generating at least sixty responses) just to get their wedding in motion. It's no wonder couples sometimes use price for whittling down the massive choice.

Sometimes couples ask the price question too early because they don't know what else to ask. They don't yet know about the intricacies that make you shine, so they can't ask about that. It may be the first time the bride and groom are hiring a videographer or venue for e.g., and so they may be asking purely out of naivety.

A naive couple may have a preconceived idea of how much they believe a celebrant, caterer or florist for e.g....

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Free 24 Point Landing Page Checklist


At the beginning of each year, I set one big goal. In 2011 it was to improve the appeal of my website so brides and grooms would:

1) Hang around longer, and

2) Click my call to action to enquire.

The big question back then was "How could I do that?"

It took years of trial and error, but I never gave up, and today I've honed it down to a 24 Point Landing Page Checklist that gets me booked at national and destination weddings, and I want to share it with you.

If your website is not drawing in as many couples as you'd like it to, and your 2020 goal is to boost enquiries from your website, download your free 24 Point Landing Page Checklist today. You'll discover what copy and imagery to change, so your site speaks directly to the wants, needs and desires of the brides and grooms you want to book.

The 24 Point Landing Page Checklist will make your shop window 'stickier', and reduce the number of couples who...

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When it comes to marketing, there are more than 100 strategies to choose from, just ask Google, they'll fill your screen in seconds. But when I surveyed the wedding industry, the 9 strategies listed below emerged as popular favourites over and over again.

How many are you using? 

All work, but some deliver better quality bookings than others, but before you discover which ones do, let's first split the 9 strategies into two categories:

Dragging Buckets Vs Installing Pipelines.

When you go hunting for brides and grooms - you Drag Buckets.

When you get hunted by brides and grooms, you've installed Pipelines.

Pipelines are marketing gold -They sit at the top of your Marketing Pyramid, are word of mouth, or system-generated enquiries arriving on autopilot while you do other things.

Buckets -Sit in the base of your Marketing Pyramid, are hustled enquiries, created by you, producing one-hit wonders, often at a cost.


Breaking it down

Here are the 6 differentiators...

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How to write compelling ads for success in 2020


Think of your ad as a 3-sectioned funnel:

  1. The purpose of the headline is to compel your bride and groom to read the main copy.
  2. The purpose of the main copy is to compel your couple to click your CTA (call to action).
  3. The purpose of the CTA is to move your couple onto your preferred next step.

Your headline
Begin with a benefit-driven headline that goes straight to the heart of your bride and grooms desire to gain or avoid something, but it can also do both! Let's use the headline in this post as an example:

"How to write compelling ads for success in 2020."

Well, this is definitely loaded with benefits. The "How to" offers the benefit of education and transformation… being able to "write compelling ads" is benefit-driven because it's precisely what you, the wedding pro wants to achieve. It works, which is why you've read this far :-)

This headline is all about 'gain', but you can easily extend it to appeal to people who are motivated by the need to avoid an...

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How to successfully offer a Money-back Guarantee.

(Estimated reading time: 6 minutes, 24 seconds.)

An effective influencer governing the buying decisions of your most valued couples is to offer a money-back guarantee (MBG).

But of all I teach, this bold influencer meets with the most resistance. And I totally get it. I know your concerns (if you have any) because there once was a time when I resisted offering a money-back guarantee as well.

Actually, that's an understatement.

When I first contemplated the idea, I clenched my buttocks so tight, had I been sitting on a lump of coal it would have compressed into a diamond! But joking aside, the reason I objected was because it is an ADVANCED INFLUENCER that's NOT right for everybody and I was not ready for it at the time.

You see, I did not realise that offering a MBG required a very high level of business confidence through an ability to over-deliver on a couple's expectations. Furthermore, I had two massive fears for not offering a MBG:

Fear #1 "What if my couple just made...

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