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You Can Book Weddings Like Confetti

wedding marketing wedding marketing and bookings Mar 01, 2021
Have you taken courses before that left you thinking they all say the same thing?
The Wedding Business Success Course is entirely different! One key difference is it was beta-tested in 9 countries over 6 months by suppliers across a wide range of wedding categories, and only signed off once suppliers said things like:
  • "EPIC!!!! This unit is pure gold. It really is timeless, and I can't fault it." - Monica Cutler

  • "Loved the client video! This was fantastic to watch and follow through to see how your meetings go. Thank you for sharing this. Helpful to see how couples react to how you go through your meeting. The infusion of the pipelines and anchors was spot on. It's given me such inspiration and confidence for the next one I go through." - Carla Thomas

  • "I can honestly say, It is fantastic. Amazing, I like how the videos explain everything & the PDF's go even deeper to help you think how they relate to your business. I think the website growth assignments are excellent." - Simon Aston

  • "There was no fluff. I have been very impressed with the comprehensiveness... this program is unique, so many others I have tried have been 'same old, same old'." - Carol Shearman

Everywhere you look, you are told to:

  • Network with other professionals in the same industry.

  • Introduce yourself to venues - give them your card, brochures, tell them what's different about your services vs the other guy.

  • Send follow up emails.

  • Post on social media.

  • Do local bridal shows get your name out there.
...And although you are probably doing all of the above and more, these are the simple strategies everyone can use. Because of their low barrier to entry, these marketing arenas are saturated to the point of being overcrowded. It's the reason why many wedding suppliers fail to get results from them and feel like a hamster on a wheel they can never get off. The way out is to root your business in a system of 'Pipeline Installers' where the barrier to entry is much higher, reducing your competition.
Pipeline Installers are irresistible drivers that motivate and inspire couples to book fast (irrespective of price). They will take a while to integrate into your wedding business and are a crucial pillar within my training. Pipeline Installers are unique; you definitely will not find them in any other course because I created the concept.
You may hold the view that you do not want to take a course from someone who does not win much work each year, or they don't even do weddings. They just coach but don't actually have a wedding business other than courses.
I'm in a unique position to many course creators.
  • I'm first and foremost a wedding professional, so I'm right there in the trenches with you, using what I teach to make conversions predictable and inevitable in my business and within the businesses of other wedding professionals I coach.

  • Pipeline Installers are responsible for creating so much demand, I turn away more than 50% of the enquiries I receive each year due to being oversubscribed from UK couples (and destination couples - outside of covid).

  • Even during the last year of the pandemic, this system secured bookings for me practically every month for future weddings into 2022/23. I share 'the how' in my course.
I understand the scepticism you may have of taking 'yet another course', which is why another one of my differences is you can check out my training for a full 7 days, and if you do not fall in love with it within the week, I will refund 100% of your investment! I do not know of any other wedding marketing course in the world that does this. I do so because that's how much I believe my content will transform the way you think about your business. The risk is all on me. You see, I know if you implement my unique strategies, your booking appeal will increase, and that's something I am 100% certain of.
A word of warning, my training is not for you if you are looking for an easy way to get booked. This course is not a magic wand, and I do not promise fast results. Hard work, effort and a willingness to challenge what everyone else is doing is required, but if you trust in my method and only move on from each module once you are proud of your wins gained in the previous lesson, you will look back on my training in the months ahead as the turning point in your career.
So, if you are stuck at a point where you are unhappy with your number of annual bookings, the best way out is to find a guide who is getting results right now. Of course, I would love to be your guide, but it does not have to be me, there are many trainers out there, but I highly recommend selecting someone others say they have got results from.
Success in 2021 and beyond is possible, and it's within your reach here:

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