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Use Isolation Creating A Facebook Marketing Funnel

May 12, 2020

It isn't business as usual, but if you use isolation productively, you'll be well-positioned for the eventual upturn

The pandemic has financially walloped wedding suppliers, and we have to adapt to survive the steepest earnings decline in our history, and when weddings resume in their new format, you'll want your future business primed for the new opportunities. 

 One way to get in front of engaged couples is through targeted Facebook Ads. But if you've tried them and failed, it may be because of gaps in your Marketing Funnel.

If ever there was a time for you to improve (or create) your Facebook Marketing Funnel, it is now because on the other side of this life-changing virus, brides and grooms will be eagerly looking for your services to create the dream wedding they've been forced to delay.

My best advice is to get your marketing ready now, don't wait for the new norm to arrive. Use your time in isolation creating your Facebook Marketing Funnel, so you'll be ready to go, the instant the government permit weddings again. As Craig Valentine says: "Don't get ready, stay ready."

And that's why I'm sharing the strategy that works for me in a quick 5-minute video.

You and your Facebook Marketing Funnel

There are many ways to structure a Marketing Funnel; what I share is by no mean the only way - it works for me, and others I've taught, and I hope you can modify it so works for you as well.

I'll begin with the top-level ideas that you may have already thought of for your Facebook Ads:

Step 1

Begin by thinking like a bride and groom. After telling their nearest and dearest about the proposal, they'll tell the rest of their friendship circle via Facebook. Relationship statuses will update from 'In a relationship' to 'Engaged!' Targeting people with an engaged status is your starting point for creating your target audience.

Step 2

Use a source to base your targeting on. The Office For National Statistics (ONS) confirms the most popular ages to marry are between 25 - 34, (if you live outside of England and Wales, check your government's statistics, or other source). You may prefer to target a different age group, and that's fine, the key is to use age to narrow your audience to those you want to serve. 

Step 3

We all know Facebook allows us to target postcodes. Select the demographic you want to book.

The only thing is, these three obvious steps just scrape the surface when building a powerful Funnel that converts. Like an iceberg, the big stuff lies beneath the surface.

If you are short of time and just want a quick overview of my Facebook Ads Marketing Funnel, this infographic  provides a birds-eye view.

But if you want a much deeper insight, where I breakdown the Funnel in detail, watch the short 5-minute video using the link at the end

What you'll learn from the video

I cover the logical journey of: targeting, retargeting, directing couples to a landing page that converts, how to structure an effective follow-up email campaign, setting up conversations that lead to getting booked, and finally securing a deposit.


Here's the link if you want to go deeper:  I WANT TO WATCH THE VIDEO 


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