Self Belief - The 1st Wedding Marketing Influencer To Get Brides Booking You

What would it do for your confidence if you were able to articulate value and convey worth so well, that your ideal clients nearly always booked you at the price you are worth?

How relaxed would you feel going into each meeting knowing brides and grooms would book you more often than not because your wedding marking was so compelling?

What follows is 1 of 7 influencers that motivates discerning couples to do just that.

In order to INFLUENCE you must first be INFLUENCED.

Success happens in your mind long before it materialises in your wedding business. Believe in yourself even when others tell you to let go of your dream. Know this; it will be those closest to you who will tell you “It can’t be done.” Quite often these are the people who care about you the most and want to protect you from the pain of possible failure but have ironically never stood in the shoes of failure nor success in your pursuit, and whenever you hear similar unqualified opinions you should ask the same question I silently ask myself whenever others try to derail my dreams and that is “Does your track record qualify you to make such a judgement that if I follow, will kill off the very chance of my success?”

Within your own business, you will meet dream-makers and dream-takers. Dream-makers will help you achieve your dream, motivate you and help you succeed. BUT the Dream-takers will literally take your dreams of success away, if you allow them to.

Dream-takers suck oxygen from your business, put holes in your ideas, and kill off your dreams. Dream-takers find fault, after fault, after fault and when they do think of this quote by Henry Ford "Don't find fault, find a solution.”

Avoid negative beliefs, instead adopt beliefs that empower you because if you want high paying couples to believe in you, you must  first believe in yourself.

Be confident and create a wedding experience high paying brides and grooms crave. Both will be the game-changers that can build a demand for your services way in excess of your ability to deliver.

This is the first of 7 influencers I am sharing with you. Individually each influencer is powerfully persuasive, but fused together they create a synergy to supercharge your conversion rate.

I believe in ACTION and so must you which is why each of the 7 influencers comes with a sentence completion challenge. Fulfil each challenge because I know if I can get you to take action that empowers you with quick wins, you will ease your wedding business into a more successful state.

Print off this page and fill in the blanks. Sentence completion exercise. 5 ways in which I can upscale my self-belief are:

1. ______________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________

5. ______________________________________________

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