Reciprocity - The 2nd Wedding Marketing Influencer To Get Brides Booking You

Think about the last time someone gave you a free unexpected gift, how did it make you Feel? Did you want to give something back even if it was just your thanks? Reciprocity makes you feel this way.

Let me give you an example of its power. Imagine it's Christmastime and someone gives you an unexpected present ... but you have nothing to give back in return! You will almost certainly like that person just a little bit more, be deeply thankful but possibly feel a little bit awkward because you could not return their act of kindness… This is the effect of reciprocity.

So be the 1st to give something away of high value to your bride and groom, but of low monetary cost to you. Your gift must move the needle and add value to your couple's wedding planning process. Period. Because if your gift is token or does not propel your couple into a genuine state of excitement and gratitude, you will be wasting your time and potentially cheapening your brand. Your gift should also double up as a way to demonstrate your expertise and increase your likability factor.

One way to keep all these plates spinning is by sharing your expertise in a way that helps your prospects imagine the flow of their day. As a wedding expert you know the typical running order for a wedding. So before you meet, ask for their start time then use your experience to fill in approximate times for their activities. Your prospects will love you for it because it's unlikely any other supplier will have helped them in such detail at the time of your meeting. Their customised timeline will allow them to visualise pre-living their wedding, and if you do a good job, by the time they leave, they will do so feeling elated, enthusiastic and empowered about their day simply because you brought their wedding to life, using free value driven reciprocity.

The hero image in the header, is an example of the timeline I create for couples getting married at their chosen venue in England. If you are reading this from abroad your timeline will differ but you’ll get the idea…Personalise something to match your couples day.

 Here's an expression of thanks a couple sent in alongside their booking confirmation.

“Hi Terry,

Thank you so much for your time today, it was a pleasure to meet you and so useful to have someone actually explain to us the timeline of the day and the little bits that we wouldn't have thought about!…”

By the end of each meeting your goal is to leave prospects blown away and able to visualise their wedding with more clarity and filled with new ideas they had not thought of before seeing you. If you fuel your prospects with excitement and enthusiasm and get them to leave viewing you as their expert, you will nudge them a little further down your funnel because experts who are liked and trusted get booked.

Written exercise. Print this page and fill in the gaps.

3 Valuable tips I could give away to my couple that will heighten my perceived position as an expert and help them gain pleasure through reciprocity are:

1. ______________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________


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