Phoenix - The Ultimate Wedding Marketing Course

I'm giving free trial access to just 10 growing wedding suppliers, to beta test an innovative, world class course, that's built from the ground up and designed to oversubscribe your wedding business at the price you want. The course is going to change the way successful wedding professionals get booked and it's called...


To be 1 of 10 lucky suppliers selected to trial the complementary version, you MUST BE good at what you do, but identify with 1 or more of the following top 10 wedding marketing problems:

1. You want more wedding bookings.

2. You want fewer price shoppers.

3. You want to raise prices without loosing work.

4. You’d like to be listed at top venues.

5. You are neither the cheapest nor most expensive.

6. You get the meeting or enquiry but not the booking.

7. Competitors undercut and steal your prospects.

8. You are viewed as an expense not an investment.

9. You are not a high priority in the booking chain.

10. You attract brides who want more servicing for less fee. 

What the successful applicants will get:
Complimentary access to all areas of the pre-release version of Phoenix. The online training course for wedding suppliers designed to attract higher paying brides and get you booked more often at the price you are worth.

What’s expected of you
Phoenix is made up of 8 modules, and each module is comprised of several lessons. After consuming each lesson, you will be asked to give detailed feedback on:
1. The effectiveness of the content.
2. Where possible, how the module/lesson in question could be made easier to digest.


What wedding suppliers say about my training

Hi Terry, I’m £4k up on last year's January orders and I had the BEST month EVER!  Yaay!…I have doubled my assistant's hours and got an extra person working from home for me…I’ve had such better clients with bigger weddings…

Louise O’Neill

A massive thanks to Terry Lewis and his mentoring programme I had been stuck charging around £200 for over 15 years when I bumped into a friend at a networking event. He recommended Terry's 1-1 Mentoring Programme and after 6 months, I converted my first five out of five enquiries into bookings for weddings with an average fee of £1,475! I definitely had to up my game and stretch myself, but I now know it’s possible. Thanks again Terry for all your insights and encouragement. It has been so worth it.

 Chris Anthony

Hi Terry, thank you for what you have done for me since signing up for your 1-to-1 mentoring program! I am amazed at how quickly the level and quality of my bookings has improved since taking your advice.  I have followed all of your strategies and got great results! This has saved me so much time and money in avoiding marketing mishaps.  I've also noticed that even though my prices have increased hugely, I am actually getting more bookings and my self confidence has increased massively. There's no stopping me now, thank you!

Zoe Alexandria

How to become 1 of 10 lucky beta testers for Phoenix
1. Simply email [email protected] 

2. Say what service you provide (e.g. wedding photography). This is so I'm not overweighed in one industry.

3. In one or two sentences, tell me about the challenges you are trying to overcome. I will use this information to ensure solutions to the most common challenges, are included in the final version of Phoenix when it is rolled out later this year.

I can only accept 10 wedding suppliers onto the beta testing phase, if you are unsuccessful, the full course capable of transforming your results will be available later this year.

Helping wedding professionals get to the top