Passion - The 3rd Wedding Marketing Influencer To Get Brides Booking You

Love what you do and show emotion for it.

People buy people who are passionate about their craft, and are turned-off by the apathetic - which is why when you go to purchase something and the assistant appears to not care less, you consider taking your business elsewhere.

Passion is contagious. That's why when you watch a romantic movie you sometimes end up with a lump in your throat. The director was able to transfer the emotion from the screen into you; and you must learn to transfer the EMOTION for what you do to inside your bride and groom if you want to influence them into booking you.

Let me ask you a question: have you ever fallen in love with and purchased something even though a cheaper option was available? A car, holiday, item of clothing, something to improve your wedding supplier service? Either choice would serve its purpose but you chose the more expensive option.

Have you ever thought why? It’s because you passionately believed that the more expensive item would either give you more pleasure or help you avoid pain.

Brides are driven by the exact same influencer when planning their weddings. So surround your services with passion, and get your couple passionate about you if you want a motivational reason to influence them to travel further down your booking funnel.

Not meeting goes by without me authentically expressing a love for the wedding services I offer, and its reflected in the follow ups I receive from prospects, here’s an example:

"Hi Terry,
It was a pleasure to meet with you yesterday, as soon as we finished the meeting we both said to each other that we would love to have you as part of our special day. You seem very passionate about your work and we felt that we would be able to relax knowing that you're going to be there..." - Sarah & Luke.

They went on to book one of my top packages, because of this and the other influencers I sincerely weaved into their meeting.


Selling high valued wedding experiences is easy

Have you ever been around someone who has just purchased something expensive? They are generally euphoric right? In fact they are so full of passion and pleasure the feeling has often been described as ‘Retail Therapy’. Now view this from the wedding suppliers viewpoint, do you think they experienced ‘hard work’ whilst their prospect was passionately buying? Absolutely not… And I’m here to tell you that higher paying discerning brides love to buy quality, luxury and dependability, but hate to be sold the reverse.

When you articulate the value inside your wedding experience via passion, coupled with the talent to deliver a stellar service, you go along way to creating a brand with a reputation for excellence and dependability. A brand that will be in high demand.

If you currently find it difficult to book your premium wedding experience it’s likely the solution will be found in either:

1. The way you market your wedding experience, or
2. The wedding experience you offer needs altering to make it resonate more closely with your target audiences deepest desires, or
3. A combination of both of the above. 


Written exercise. Print this page and fill in the gaps.
3 Ways I can demonstrate passion and articulate value are: 

1. ______________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________



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