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How will you get booked in 2021?

Jan 01, 2021

This time last year, I remember thinking "2020 is going to be my year!"

Meanwhile, about 5,500 miles away in Wuhan China, something devastating began to spread out of control that would affect life world-wide, paling every single one of my problems into insignificance. A crisis so engulfing that if possible, I would have pushed back world time to prevent 2020 from ever beginning, but it did... And I had to adapt.

What happened to your business in 2020? How did you adapt to make sure you got through last year?


Are you reluctantly 'divorcing' the wedding industry in favour of a new career because of the devastation it caused to your business, or do you plan to stay in the game, waiting for the recovery? If you are leaving us, as some brilliant wedding professionals are, the industry will be worse off without you, but I understand your reasons to exit. If you are staying and looking for guidance to increase interest in your wedding business during the current engagement season, or maybe you want to know how to be viewed as essential not expensive, I can help with a freebie I know you will love.

"The steps that you've laid out are genius." - Butch Gray

Get your plan for 2021 here:

Wishing you a much better year ahead than the one we are all happy to leave behind.



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