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How Should I Deal With Wedding Cancellations?

Mar 25, 2020

This is a difficult one and a question I get asked a lot by suppliers. Truth is you'd be perfectly within your rights to activate the terms of your contract under normal circumstances, but everybody agrees Coronavirus is far from normal.

I can't advise what you should do, but I will let you know how I've personally handled cancellations during these awful times... I let them go.

My Ts & Cs clearly state that if a couple cancels within two months of their wedding, the full fee is payable but under the cloud of Covid-19, activating this does not feel right.

Couples have contacted me, devastated about their wedding and worried about the cost of cancelling the day. I've always reacted in the same way, saying "My heart goes out to both of you, I can only imagine the extra concerns this awful virus is heaping upon you, this is why I have thrown my terms and conditions out of the window because this is not your fault at all..."

I try to work towards a postponement, and most do, but some have cancelled, and I've refunded them.

But let me also tell you about two couples who flipped my approach on me.

Stephen and Charlie had paid for their wedding in full. Due to the Conroanvirus, they've had to postpone until next year. But here's the thing, they strongly insisted to the point it was pointless me saying "no" that they should pay me 50% more to re-schedule!!! I was so moved I could not believe it. Needless to say, I will find a way to make sure their wedding is extra special.

Then there's Charlotte & Thomas, who've pushed their nuptials back to November, and have insisted on paying me as soon as possible because they have self-employed friends and understand the financial pressures this awful disease causes business owners.

Ultimately, you have to do what is right for your circumstances; I can't stress enough that there is no right or wrong approach - just what's right for you. Even before my two extraordinary couples reached out to me with their gestures of kindness, I'd decided I could not request payments for any cancellations because there is a much bigger picture going on than just business here.

Whatever you decide will be right for you. Go with your head AND your heart - but ultimately let your gut guide you.

Stay safe

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