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Have your wedding enquiries dried up?

Mar 27, 2020



I may be able to help with my online wedding business course Phoenix, which you can try for 7-days for just £1.


How Phoenix helped me

Despite the virus, five couples booked in for Skype calls to discuss using me for their wedding this week. Last week I had conference calls with four couples and next week I currently have one meeting arranged; all because of the Phoenix formula.


Despite what's going on with Covid-19, the Phoenix formula still attracts keen interest from brides and grooms because couples are STILL planning weddings for 2021/22. If you are worried about your wedding business, slow bookings and diminished cash flow, Phoenix can help position your business correctly, so couples enquire about your services as well.


How Phoenix helped others

What I teach is not new, or fly-by-night, I've been sharing the Phoenix formula for years, and it works - listen to what my students say about the course in the video on this link, before making up your mind.


You'll need new skills for our new world

You and I won't be earning income from weddings while the social distancing restrictions are in place, and the reality is we do not know how long they will go on. However, because of Phoenix, I still receive cash flow though the deposits I'm winning from future bookings, and this is something you can do as well, but you've got to set your business up the right way to 1. attract and then 2. get booked. Achieve this, and you will create a survival mechanism during these unprecedented times.


Look at this period of quarantine as an opportunity for you to strengthen your position in your market. Dedicate at least an hour each day to go through the course, (while you are housebound), so when the government eventually lifts the restrictions, you'll look back and be able to say you used the time wisely, repositioning your business for bookings.


If you are worried about where your next booking will come from, click the link below to find out if Phoenix is the step-by-step guide for you.


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