Expert Status - The 4th Wedding Marketing Influencer To Get Brides Booking You

Imagine you find yourself on the airstrip of a private runway. You urgently need to fly home and an aeroplane is almost ready for take-off. It’s a small jet and the unkempt pilot and co-pilot seem quite unsure about the instruments, regularly referring to flight manuals for instructions. The cockpit looks shabby and in need of mechanical attention, some of the dials show small but noticeable cracks unnerving you.

20 minutes prior to take-off, the captain eventually ignites the engine and an irregular clanking noise amplifies your concern.

You have the opportunity to disembark or fly.

Will you “sit back and enjoy the flight,” or heard for the nearest exit? Based on your first impressions, probably the latter.


A tale of 2 planes

Imagine instead you find yourself onboard a private jet, where after being checked in by the smartly uniformed flight attendants, you notice the soft leather flatbed seats. The door to the cockpit is ajar and the crisply dressed captain and co-pilot are making final flight checks. The captain notices you and politely tilts his head in acknowledgement before refocusing his attention. The flight deck is immaculate.

You sink back into your broad spaciously set apart seat as multiple engines smoothly ignite, you hardly hear a sound.

Take-off is imminent and you have the opportunity to disembark or fly. This time you choose to “sit back and enjoy the flight”. Why?..

You formed different opinions about the quality and reliability of each jet and crew, which led to different flying decisions. This is the magnetic attraction of the expert glow, and you must learn to radiate expertise from every aspect of your service.

Take a step back from your wedding business - when presenting solutions to brides and grooms, do you ensure your marketing and sales funnels lead you to prescribe expert, confident and irresistible offers? Do this and couples will hire you more often than not. Fail and you will have to sell hard alongside the competition and sometimes discount in order to get booked.

Written exercise. Print email and fill in the blanks below.

5 stamps of reliability and confidence I can use to surround myself in an expert glow that will be i) hard for me to attain and ii) almost impossible for my competitors to copy are:

1. ______________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________

5. ______________________________________________



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