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Jan 24, 2020
I'll never forget my first Unleash The Power Within experience with Tony Robbins; it was in 2007. Inspired, I hired my first business coach months afterwards.
The following year our catering company became an award winner, and we went onto serve TV celebs and worked alongside Dragons Den Levi Roots at the Notting Hill Carnival.
Why did I wait until 2007 before hiring a coach? Two reasons:
i) I told myself I could not afford one.
ii) I thought, surely I could figure out success for myself.
The truth was before my coach showed me the fastest route to success, I was unhappily plodding along using trial and error to win business, yes it worked to a degree, but winning business seemed complicated, and progress was slow. It was only after learning from my coach who had already achieved what I wanted to achieve was I able to fast track success.
'WEDology' Season
January to March is the quietest quarter for wedding professionals. It's also when I work on my own 'WEDology'. Have you ever considered using education season to learn how to book engaged couples consistently? If you are curious to discover how coaching can help get you booked quicker visit link to learn more. (It costs less than you think.)
These suppliers trusted my methods, read what happened to their bookings:
"Hi Terry, I'm £4k up on last year's January orders, and I had the BEST month EVER! Yaay!…I have doubled my assistant's hours and got an extra person working from home for me… I've had such better clients with bigger weddings…"
- Louise O'Niel
"I started on Terry's Mentor Programme just over 3 months ago and to say that my business has been transformed is an understatement. My website has been completely rewritten, I have increased my fees. I understand brides better, and I now communicate with couples on a completely different level, after only a matter of a few weeks I cannot wait to continue my journey over the coming months and to improve and develop my business further."
- Paul Allen
If you decide to be one of my limited One-To-One students, I won't stop until you genuinely want to write something similar about the changes that happened in your business.
Got a question? Drop me an email, and I'll get back to you today.
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