Common flaws in wedding websites - Why MORE price shoppers THAN high spending brides contact you (Part 2 of 2)

Two weeks ago, I promised to reveal the winning formula for a wedding website that converts, here it is:

If your site tries to appeal to all, instead of to your ideal couple, you will inadvertently attract price shoppers and repel the higher paying couples you want to book, locking you in an awful 'Catch 22' cycle. To break-out, there is no better starting place than this quote:

So what THINKING did you use when you began to inadvertently appeal to price shoppers?


Let's Begin With Design

Let us say you deliver a 5/5 service, but your poorly designed website wrongly implies its only 3/5. The ambiguity in your message will result in your target audience side-stepping you because of a failure to resonate with their needs, however price shoppers may get in touch because your 'look and feel' may appeal to them.


Your Website Will Underperform If:

1. Your landing page headline does not match the message to the ideal couple you want to book. 

2. Your landing page message is not focused on a single purpose?

3. Your couple do not believe you can offer what they want within 8 seconds?

4. You are not using a relevant and original main image or video that shows your

services being enjoyed. 

5. You are using copy similar to your competitors.

6. Your page message does not have the clarity of a 30-second elevator pitch.

 7. Your landing page does not explain how your product/service is unique (USP).

8. Your page depicts low to mid-end branding.


Did you know the attention span of a human is less than that of a goldfish?

Goldfish - 9 seconds

Human - 8 seconds!


The way you articulate and design your online message is of paramount importance because brides will form an opinion about you, based on your website in 8 seconds or less!

That's right you've just 8 seconds for your proposal to impress.


Do You Suffer From 'Website Rejection'?

Definition - When a bride or groom unknowingly finds the perfect wedding supplier online, only to reject the vendor within 8 seconds because of their poorly designed website. 

It's possible that right now your avatar could be surfing your business only to disappear FOREVER because you inadvertently triggered 'Website Rejection' even though your services may have been perfect for her.

The same thinking applies to your entire branding. Everything about your company must amplify quality and do a brilliant job of conveying the outcome your ideal bride is looking for. 

Quick-fire 8-second exercise

The following two websites both offer wedding planning services. I want you to surf both for just 8 seconds each, and not a second longer. In that time I want you to think like a bride and form an instant opinion by answering this quick-fire question:

Is this supplier right for my dream wedding?

Here are the two sites I'd like you to look at: and

I don't know either of these planners; I stumbled upon them during a Google search in a similar way a bride would, but can you see that by marketing differently, different brides will 'stick' to different planners? But if both planners had similar skills and wanted to appeal to couples with larger budgets do you agree that one would find this more challenging than the other no matter how good they both may be, simply because of a website?



Is the design quality of your website 'sticky' enough to make a high paying bride stick around, and then revisit? Or have you uncovered the truth that you have an 8-second problem?

If you answered yes, and you know you need a new site, do what the successful do; use speed and action to make things right.

If this lesson has identified a problem, don't just tinker with your current site here and there, because nothing will change. You will continue to attract price shoppers and retain your self-imploding 8-second problem.

To paraphrase Einstein, you will be trying to solve your problem with the same thinking you used when you created it.