You Can Book Weddings Like Confetti

Have you taken courses before that left you thinking they all say the same thing?
The Wedding Business Success Course is entirely different! One key difference is it was beta-tested in 9 countries over 6 months by suppliers across a wide range of wedding categories, and only signed off once suppliers said things like:
  • "EPIC!!!! This unit is pure gold. It really is timeless, and I can't fault it." - Monica Cutler

  • "Loved the client video! This was fantastic to watch and follow through to see how your meetings go. Thank you for sharing this. Helpful to see how couples react to how you go through your meeting. The infusion of the pipelines and anchors was spot on. It's given me such inspiration and confidence for the next one I go through." - Carla Thomas

  • "I can honestly say, It is fantastic. Amazing, I like how the videos explain everything & the PDF's go even deeper to help you think how they relate to your business. I think the website growth assignments are...
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Real Love


 Love Account

If you are in a relationship, when was the last time you had a really good time with your partner? Or have the pressures of running your wedding business begun to erode what is fundamentally important to you?

In my lifetime, I've experienced the highs and lows of success and failure with relationships. Today I work on this foundation through The Love Account. It's something I learned from Lori and Dave, grandparents of Ashley, a bride I met while working at a destination wedding in Brugge.

Two hours after Ashley married Weston, I bumped into her grandparents, Dave and Lori who flew in from Illinois, USA.

Dave was about 6ft tall, balding and wore silver glasses over his grey sideburns. His wife Lori was about 5' 6", with shoulder-length grey hair with a side-parting. One thing I'll never forget about Lori is whenever she smiled, it seemed to radiate from the inside out.

If you were a guest at the wedding, you would have been at the drinks...

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How will you get booked in 2021?

This time last year, I remember thinking "2020 is going to be my year!"

Meanwhile, about 5,500 miles away in Wuhan China, something devastating began to spread out of control that would affect life world-wide, paling every single one of my problems into insignificance. A crisis so engulfing that if possible, I would have pushed back world time to prevent 2020 from ever beginning, but it did... And I had to adapt.

What happened to your business in 2020? How did you adapt to make sure you got through last year?


Are you reluctantly 'divorcing' the wedding industry in favour of a new career because of the devastation it caused to your business, or do you plan to stay in the game, waiting for the recovery? If you are leaving us, as some brilliant wedding professionals are, the industry will be worse off without you, but I understand your reasons to exit. If you are staying and looking for guidance to increase interest in your wedding business during the current engagement season,...

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Boutiques, Planners, Venues, D.J.s, Photographers and Stationers in the U.K., U.S.A., Italy, Croatia and Cyprus are some of the wedding professionals who've already downloaded free modules from the brand new Wedding Business Success Course.

You're on the brink of 2021...

...and your hopes and dreams of getting booked for weddings up to 2023 will accelerate if you follow a concrete plan that is already working. The free content will give you a serious project to grow your wedding business during lockdown and let's face it, the one thing we all have is the precious time to work on us - the best bit is the course introduction is free!

Want to join us? Follow this link:

P.S. If you love the free training and want the full course but genuinely can't afford it because of the impact the coronavirus has had on your wedding business, I've set up the T.L. Foundation to offer free access to colleagues most in need because we are all in this together. D.M....

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Q: What's the best language to use to convert brides and grooms?

Today's trend is to give short, easily digestible soundbites as answers, so you can quickly scroll onto the next post; however, the true answer to this question is not short and sexy, and you know it :). And if you resist the urge to flit away for the next seven minutes, you'll know exactly what to do to give your wedding business a 'workout', so it gets leaner, fitter and dare I say it, sexier!

It's not what you offer; it's how you offer it. The most effortless way to convert is to provide what your couple is looking for. For example, if your couple wants a secluded country barn as the backdrop for their wedding, no matter how stunning your 5-star city hotel is, it's unlikely you'll ever convert. Yes, they are both venues, but when you drill down to the specificities, the barn and the hotel could not be further apart. And no matter which category your wedding business falls into, DJ, photographer, room decor, or any of the many other supplier sectors out there, there...
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Passion-driven marketing is how I've booked between 1 and 3 weddings every week, bar 1, since lockdown


I've promoted heart-centred ways to book brides and grooms since 2011. It is the engine that drives better-paying couples to enquire and then book with ease, consistently.

I've already helped other wedding suppliers improve their bookings by teaching them how to stack one passion-driven attractor on top of another. If you want an overview of passion-driven marketing in action, watch this thoroughly enjoyable interview with Crystal Yarlott.

References to links mentioned in this interview

  1. For more about Crystal please visit or
  2. For more about the book please visit Link to Terry's book
  3. For more about the course please visit Link to Terry's course
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Corona, Cancellations and Refunds

Wedding suppliers face different financial difficulties. Where your supplier is in the business cycle, determines how your refund cancellation request gets handled.

Broadly speaking, if you have to cancel your wedding (not postpone), expect one of three outcomes:

  1. You'll lose your deposit because your supplier sites a cancellation paragraph within the terms and conditions you signed.

    The lockdown has pushed some wedding businesses to the brink of collapse, causing tears, financial worry and concern about how they will care for their loved ones. I sympathise with these colleges because they are in this situation through no fault of their own. The knock-on effect means the money is simply not there to refund you, which is why I also sympathise if you have had your refund request denied.

  2. Your supplier negotiates at partial refund after retaining a fair amount for any work done or items purchased.

  3. You'll supplier gives you a full refund.

Because external financial...

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Use Isolation Creating A Facebook Marketing Funnel

It isn't business as usual, but if you use isolation productively, you'll be well-positioned for the eventual upturn

The pandemic has financially walloped wedding suppliers, and we have to adapt to survive the steepest earnings decline in our history, and when weddings resume in their new format, you'll want your future business primed for the new opportunities. 

 One way to get in front of engaged couples is through targeted Facebook Ads. But if you've tried them and failed, it may be because of gaps in your Marketing Funnel.

If ever there was a time for you to improve (or create) your Facebook Marketing Funnel, it is now because on the other side of this life-changing virus, brides and grooms will be eagerly looking for your services to create the dream wedding they've been forced to delay.

My best advice is to get your marketing ready now, don't wait for the new norm to arrive. Use your time in isolation creating your Facebook Marketing Funnel, so you'll be ready to go,...

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Have your wedding enquiries dried up?



I may be able to help with my online wedding business course Phoenix, which you can try for 7-days for just £1.


How Phoenix helped me

Despite the virus, five couples booked in for Skype calls to discuss using me for their wedding this week. Last week I had conference calls with four couples and next week I currently have one meeting arranged; all because of the Phoenix formula.


Despite what's going on with Covid-19, the Phoenix formula still attracts keen interest from brides and grooms because couples are STILL planning weddings for 2021/22. If you are worried about your wedding business, slow bookings and diminished cash flow, Phoenix can help position your business correctly, so couples enquire about your services as well.


How Phoenix helped others

What I teach is not new, or fly-by-night, I've been sharing the Phoenix formula for years, and it works - listen to what my students say about the course in the...

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How Should I Deal With Wedding Cancellations?

This is a difficult one and a question I get asked a lot by suppliers. Truth is you'd be perfectly within your rights to activate the terms of your contract under normal circumstances, but everybody agrees Coronavirus is far from normal.

I can't advise what you should do, but I will let you know how I've personally handled cancellations during these awful times... I let them go.

My Ts & Cs clearly state that if a couple cancels within two months of their wedding, the full fee is payable but under the cloud of Covid-19, activating this does not feel right.

Couples have contacted me, devastated about their wedding and worried about the cost of cancelling the day. I've always reacted in the same way, saying "My heart goes out to both of you, I can only imagine the extra concerns this awful virus is heaping upon you, this is why I have thrown my terms and conditions out of the window because this is not your fault at all..."

I try to work towards a postponement, and most do, but...

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