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Wedding marketing is easy, when you know how. Now is the time to succeed

Phoenix is your step-by-step guide to booking better paying brides and grooms.

ūüíé Step #1 - Learn the key buying triggers that emotionally inspire couples to book, so you can realistically increase income by thousands per month.

ūüíé Step #2 - Learn the method that easily articulates your real value, so you are not seen as expensive; instead brides and grooms will view you as an essential asset to the success of their wedding.

ūüíé Step #3 - Uncover USPs that motivate venues to list you as a preferred supplier.

Internationally Acclaimed * Used In Over 10 Countries

Melissa Barban, Owner of FCC Decor, in Canada was in the same position as most of us have been…

"…Last year when I looked at what I had on the books I had eight weddings... right now we have 40! I've increased my prices three times... and sold more bookings and got more amounts of money for those bookings, the return on investment is well worth it for sure...

We have booked approximately 80% more weddings as a result…"

Phoenix will transform your wedding business

It's the first of its kind. Built over 4 years and tested in different countries by suppliers in different wedding categories - Pheonix is the proven to work formula.


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