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Terry's book provides concrete steps to success. Written in an easy style with personal anecdotes, Terry puts a fine point on key concepts for success. Highly recommended to anyone in the event industry (any sales professional can find nuggets here too).

5 Star Amazon Book Reviews From Other Wedding Suppliers



"Hi Terry, I have read your book .. infact I read it in a day (!) and feel super inspired to push my business to the next level. A lot of what you talk about resonates really strongly with me and I now have a new notebook full of fresh ideas and inspiration to get me through the (usually) quieter winter months… Thank you so much."

Louise O'Neill

"I've just finished reading your fantastic new book and felt compelled to thank you! The book is amazing and although I knew a lot of the content already - especially having attended your workshop but it was a very inspiring read that I took so much from and motivated me to take action on some of my marketing and website which gave me the motivational push I needed."

Andy Collins

 ."Hi Terry, I have read the entire book, and I'd like to continue learning with you. THIS HAS BLOWN MY MIND! Words cannot describe what you have already done for me"
Harry Eardley

"If you have a wedding business or are thinking about starting one, you need to get this book!

Terry outlines everything you need to know in order to run a successful wedding business that will have your work diary completely booked up. Written in way we can all understand, Terry uses personal experiences that are relatable to many in a similar position in order to give you reflection on similar circumstances in your own business and how you can alter them in order to make a positive impact.

Terry is by no means telling you how to run your business but merely points out the areas and habits in which in which we all make mistakes with time and time again yet completely miss when in the midst of trying to struggle with making your business the best it can be.

If there’s anyone you should be listening to and taking advice from when it comes to the wedding industry its Terry Lewis. He’s been there and done it and has completely turned his business and life around by taking a step back, looking at the bigger picture and following these 12 Habits.

Such an inspirational read and makes so much sense.... You will not regret reading this book!"

Ellen Kennedy - Confetti, The UK’s Leading Wedding Website

"Running a very successful wedding venue I have read many books on marketing etc. This one is the best yet. Now bought a hard backed copy for our staff to read, as plenty of ideas to improve our offering."

Gavin Mackie - Larchfield Estate

"Terry’s excellent reputation within the wedding industry in the UK is second to none. The 12 Habits is accessible, packed with ideas and is of real value to anyone who really wants to ensure that their business stands out from the crowd. Whether you are just starting out and want to hit the ground running or have been running your wedding business for a while and want to rise to the next level, this is your chance to listen to and learn from someone who has created and maintained an incredibly successful wedding business. The wedding industry is a highly competitive marketplace worth an estimated £10 billion each year (source: www.hitched-wife.org). The insights disclosed in this book will give you an unfair advantage in getting your share. Invaluable."

Damian Bailey The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA )
 Founder and Managing Director

I’m making my way through the book and I’m in love with it. Keep going back and rereading pages. It’s such an eye opener!
Mercedes Gayle


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